Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Rough Week

How on earth is it MARCH already?!? I swear, New Years was just the other day! Time is flying by so fast, I can hardly believe it. I mean, I'll be 20 in no time d: weird...

Well, I am sure you are DYING to know how our week went. Lemme tell you, if I never have another week like this one, I'll be ok. yikes.

Tuesday...mmm where do I even start?! We cleaned our apartment and Brother Yovich came to inspect it...with the Elders...awkward to have 3 guys in your apartment after spending all your time with one other girl in it? Yup. Definitely. So they were all acting super weird about how the smoke smell wasn't "that bad", the ceiling could be fixed, and the rodents removed....umm yes. Yes they could. So we got in a little "discussion" about how the new apartment in Beaver will just be better for us and they finally saw our point. Men. hahahaha! I guess the Elders were afraid we would start working in their area?? Umm we have our area and there are plenty of things we need to get done there! No worries. Mission drama is the worst. After that fiasco we saw Vicki and I talked with the 3 year old twins, Gia and Lucas. They are so sweet and just want to be loved. Vicki has a hard time with that with her cancer and treatments and all. It's crazy how I feel like I am going to some adults' houses just to make sure the kids feel loved and appreciated. I just hope that I am making a difference in their lives. I told the kiddos to say "I love Jesus Christ" every time they felt bad or sad or even just happy and they were excited. I hope they remember. We went to dinner at the Green's and it was good as usual. We then went with Sister Goettman to visit some people but only were able to see the Lion's. Despite the fact that I didn't feel like we were doing much good there, it made an impact on them which is the whole point.

Wednesday was District Meeting and our district is the same...much to our dismay. We now have 3 different wards in our district. It's an interesting dynamic now that they have split Cranberry and Pitt 4th to make the Wexford ward. The Cranberry Elders, Elder Vassallo and Elder Ashton, are now in the Wexford ward and the Cranberry Sisters, Sister Gates and Sister Aston, are working their ward by themselves. Crazy when a ward splits from a missionary perspective. It's crazy that Sister Aston is from Gilbert and went on a date with Spencer...0.o ummm ok. haha! small world. But we had a super awesome District Meeting and made some awesome plans to involve members more and get that Home/Visiting Teaching DONE! (: Sister Neeley came with us after to visit some people and we ended up seeing Elsa then rushing to Renea's appointment. She is doing SO well. She really is recognizing the Spirit in her life and her home. Although she is struggling with some things, she is making great progress and recognizing her short comings and trusting in the Lord. Our focus in the lesson was faith and the Atonement; two spectacular intertwined principles. After dinner we saw the Watt's and told them that we are moving and they were really sad, but glad that we promised to come back and visit them.

Thursday...I'd really rather not relive Thursday. I definitely counted my blessings that day! We were so emotionally spent by the end of the day that we went to Sister Smego's (we had extra time) and then to Dean and Andrea's for dinner. We had steak salad and it was SO good. It really helped us survive the rest of the night ha. What. A. Life.

Friday was not a super great day (but a lot better than Thursday). We did weekly planning and tried to visit Anthony but on the way there, he cancelled. Rough. We tried Carol. Not home. And our team up had to push the time back. So we started packing/cleaning our apartment for the move. We went to Lisa's for Eli's birthday party. It was so funny. In the middle of it, Sister Green invited us for a "Girl's Night" and we definitely needed one of those. We went over after the party and talked with Sister LaFond and Sister Roy. We talked about books and movies and it was a blast! When we went to say goodbye to the kiddos downstairs, they were watching Secondhand Lions. Good movie.

Saturday, was the move day. Sister K was moving from her old place to one by the church and man it is TINY. It was a rough day. Afterward, Sister L. Neeley took us out to lunch and we came home and showered and napped a little bit. We really couldn't have done anything else because we were so exhausted from it. For dinner we went to the McBride's....and well, Brother McBride was out of town and didn't tell Sister McBride that he had signed up to feed us...awkward. haha! She wasn't even home when we showed up so we sat outside in the freezing wind haha! When she got home, we ended up helping make dinner, which totally works for us. haha! We had spaghetti and salad and some garlic knots from a little wood fire pizza place. It was really good. They were crazy and it was fun to be around family. Crazy, but ya gotta love em.

Sunday. Mmmm. Fast Sunday. What a day we had to! Wendy came to church!!! Out of no where!! And in bad weather too!! I was SO happy! She looked so pretty too and stayed the whole time! It really made my day. We visited Sister Smego afterward, but it's harder to stay a long time on fast Sunday. We went to Bishop Weeks' house for dinner and it was so good! We had pot roast and mashed potatoes (these potatoes are so creamy!). We had gotten Haley a One Direction Notebook that we saw at Walmart and she was THRILLED. Her room is so decked out in One Direction stuff haha! She's funny. After dinner, we talked a little bit then went through the whole ward roster with Bishop and it was really good for us. We have a lot of new names we can try. At the end, we asked him if there was anything we could do better and he said that we were doing everything he expected of us. He said this group (Elder Waddoups, Elder Adamson, Sister Hanseen, and I) were the best group of missionaries he had seen during his time as Bishop...and he's been Bishop for 6 years. It really meant a lot.

So that has been my crazy week. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, because He really answered mine. As I have been dealing with some stuff, I've really seen Him reach out in love, mostly through other people. I am so grateful that He loved us enough to send His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to Atone for us. Christ knows every little feeling that we have. Think about how infinite the Atonement is, because as we go through our trials, Christ relives those things because He remembers what we are feeling at the moment. How wonderful that He would be willing to not only suffer it once, but over and over and over again. I truly stand all amazed at the love God offers me.

I hope you have a wonderful week!! I love you so much!! (: Stay strong!


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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