Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The "Itty-Bitty" Letter

(So Sis. Crockett emailed today but was "too busy" to send a big email.  "Sorry mom!" She said.   Apparently she had too much planned today for p-day.  She said she will tell me all about it in 17 days.   Lol!  
I did ask her for one story and this is what she shared.   What more could a mom ask for?!  Enjoy!)

Last Sunday we went to Lovely's surprise birthday party. It was actually a dinner and we went with Sister Machowiak. We surprised     Lovely and everything was going well. Then her cousin walks out with 2 bottles of wine. Ummm awkward. We are talking around it as it gets passed around. Then Lovely sees it and says "HEY! We don't drink!" and gestures to me and Sister Sampson and Sister Machowiak. It was awesome to see her stand up for her beliefs amongst all her friends. Almost everyone there wasn't a member. We had an opportunity to speak with everyone about the gospel and a lot of them were interested. Now it's the waiting game! I love being a missionary (:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

To be Continued...

....who on earth celebrates Columbus Day I ask you?! Geez. Just throws all of our plans out the window ahaha! But we had a good P-day yesterday. We played some super fun games with our district and the Pitt 2nd Elders. Mostly volleyball because it involves less running haha! We had a blast though! And silly us, we forgot to take pictures! d: Sorry!

But my week....

So Tuesday was long and pretty good. We picked up McKeesport REALLY early so that we wouldn't be late and we weren't!! We were 15 minutes early actually! Surprise, surprise. We had interviews and they were super good. I love the Johnsons. They are so sweet and loving. We had a training on using family history as a missionary tool. I am super bad at it. We tried to role play, I am just no good at it hahaha! We couldn't stop laughing at our silly attempts and contacting people with family history approaches. Basically, we need more practice. We had lunch and then we got to watch.....


Twice. (:

It was SO good. Oh man. I just cried and cried during the missionary mom. Too real for me haha! And I don't think I thought it was so good because I haven't seen a real movie in over 17 months....just saying haha! But for real. If you get a chance. WATCH IT. By the time the movie was over and we took the Elders home, it was late and we still needed to study so that is what we did. Even if I did feel like death haha!

Wednesday we taught Doreen, the lady from last Saturday that called the church. It took a long time and she is definitely in McKeesport's area. But she really wanted Sisters to come and teach her so we are going to have to work that one out. She said that she was open to being baptized if that is what she was supposed to do. So that is something. We went to lunch with Sue and just talked. I love her so much. She is the greatest!!! Sue-per woman indeed. We went home and got cleaned up (so we didn't smell like cigarettes anymore) and then we went and saw Vi for a little bit. The poor lady needs lots of company!! We then went and saw Sister Hoffman for a little bit. She is a sweetheart. For dinner we went out with Brother Alton. Pretty much the coolest old guy ever. He is seriously amazing.

(Mom, I will finish this email next week but I just wanted you to get some of what we did)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Talks are the Best!

Well, this work has been pretty crazy especially finding out that Sister Sampson used to babysit Daryl and Rhonda's kids when they all lived in Hawaii....umm SO STRANGE. haha! 

Tuesday we went out with Sister Hollander and saw Vi. We almost got her son to sit in but he bolted as soon as the scriptures came out. Of course. So after praying that Sister Hollander's car would start (it doesn't start in the rain...), we went to pick up Marissa and on the way to see Eve, Marissa was talking about someone she knew and she said "Well, he's cute...for another girl." She has the most interesting sense of humor haha! and then we went to see Eve. Poor thing is still hanging on. We asked Eve what she had been doing all day and straight faced she said "Picking my nose." Literally, that is what she did all day. haha! Poor thing. We went and saw Laurie and we are still working on her reading. /: We left and tried to see Sister Fitch but she wasn't home so we went and talked with Dena and Marcus for a bit. It was good to see them. I love them a lot still and it breaks my heart that this isn't the time to teach them. ): 

Wednesday we went to District Meeting as usual and yeah...ha. Sister Lang met us after lunch and we went to see Sister Fredrick so that Sister Lang could do her visiting teaching! We are so grateful for team-ups. We drove to our dinner appointment and made it back in time for our one member BOM class. Well, when you combine 4 slap happy missionaries who have had really long days with Marissa, you get hysterics. Basically, we'll be teaching the same lesson again next week d: Missionaries are human too. 

Thursday we went with Sister Paul to see the Hoffmans but because of a miscommunication we scheduled the appointment for later. We ended up seeing Sister Braddy and reading from Elder Holland's conference talk in April, "The Cost--and Blessings-- of Discipleship". It was super good. We then went to the Senior Center and because of another miscommunication, we had to make 15 meals stretch to 26. Fun stuff. Living the exciting life! We saw the Humberts after lunch and I am having a really hard time trying to help them understand the gospel the way that it is meant. I feel like I am not teaching clearly. We saw Sister Hoffman after that and we had a super good discussion with her about Elder Rasband's conference talk. Conference talks are the best (: We got a deeper appreciation for Sister Hoffman and the challenges that she is facing. If it weren't for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, there is no way I would be able to feel that much love for people. We had an awesome church history lesson at the Kerry's house when we went for dinner. It was pretty crazy. This area has so much history and all in one very small 96 year old lady. SO incredible. Sister Kerry's mom was here when the church was started in this area so we got to hear a lot of stories. We went to see Sister Fitch after dinner and the Elders wanted to meet her (they are jealous of how cool she is and that we are her favorites (;  ) so they came with us. She is a riot. 

Friday we saw Sue after weekly planning and caught up with her since she left this week to go help some family near Ridgeway, PA. Well, that woman is one incredible fighter. She is so strong and such a rock. I don't know what I would do without her. She is such a good example of enduring to the end. I am so inspired whenever I am with her and hear of her different experiences. We tried to see Menolly but Sister Braddy was at work and so we only got to talk to her outside in the rain. Poor thing was having a rough day but she was seemed happy to see us. We went to see Tim and Tonja and it went pretty good. They are really looking forward to the temple. (: 

Saturday was just wow. General Conference was AWESOME. I love it as a missionary so much!! it's seriously the best thing in the world! We even got a call in between sessions from a lady that wanted us to meet with her so she could learn more about what we believe. We set up an appointment to visit with her on Wednesday morning! (: After the sessions we got invited to have dinner with the priesthood (they were having a chili cook off) so we ate and then sat in the family history center with the computer on listening to the priesthood session. We didn't hear it all, but it was super good. I have so much respect for the priesthood. Props to all worthy priesthood holders. Thank you for striving to live up to your call! (:

Sunday we went to the Ader's for breakfast and then watched conference with them. They are really sweet. We then went to the Mosser's to finish conference. As we were getting ready to sit down and watch it, one of the kids ran in screaming and holding his finger. He had cut it on a huge clay pot that he was trying to empty. It was super deep and so they took him to the emergency room. Turns out, he may have cut the tendon and nerve but he should be okay. It was so intense. We helped out around the house so they didn't have to worry so much when they got back but we can only do so much. 

It was a pretty crazy week, but it was super good. I am really excited to continue serving for my remaining time. I pray for you each night and hope that you are doing super well!! Have a wonderful week.

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

Friday, October 3, 2014

Can Life Get Better? I Submit that it Cannot.

Well, this has been one heck of a week that is for sure!! Everything has been up in the air and back and forth and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I am sure you are SO stoked to hear all about my craziness hahaha!
Tuesday was transfers. We found out early that Sister Jones would be going to Gettysburg so we celebrated a little. We drove to Greentree by ourselves which was super nice it turned out. I love that girl so much. We took some last minute picks and partied it up with some frozen hot chocolate and tried not to cry on the way there ha! Ya do what ya gotta do. We tried to meet up with Sister Rock and Sister Toupin for lunch but there is a reason they are walk sisters haha! No parking. So we dropped them off in a super sketchy area and booked it to the transfer meeting. I got my new companion, Sister Sampson. She has been out 7.5 months and is super sweet. Her dad was in the military so she has pretty much lived everywhere. It's going to be an interesting transfer that is for sure! We dropped off Sister Sampson's luggage then went to our dinner appointment. We also had a family home evening set up with the Kerry's to watch 17 Miracles with some widows in the ward. Instead, only their non-member neighbor showed up. Hey, ya win some. (:
Wednesday we had district meeting and we got Uniontown back in our district. Elder Coke, who was my district leader once in Pitt 2nd, is now in my district again. SO weird to see people you have previously served with. But it's kinda fun. Well, after lunch, we had to try some formers and ended up tracting when we found out that they all had moved. Awesome. haha! But the 2nd to last door we knocked on asked us to come back at a specific time the next day. SCORE. I was so pumped. The last door we knocked was a little less nice haha! We saw Vi and read the Book of Mormon with her and gave her a challenge to study from the BOM every day until we come back in a specific chapter. We'll see. We also saw Lovely and talked about the Plan of Salvation. She is such a rock star. We also saw Menolly and taught her about the Priesthood, temples and family history as well as eternal marriage. She was super hyper. We went over her baptismal program and then I asked her if she wanted Brother Tolliver to confirm her the following day. She blinked and said "No. Elder Martin. Can he do it??" I about fell over laughing. "Yeah, he can do it..."Then she started giggling. I think we might have a situation on our hands haha! She is just mildly obbsessed with him hahaha! We went to dinner at the Halsels. I love them so much. They are SO great! (: But Kajhia was pretty upset when she found out Elder Jackson had been transferred. She yelled "Why didn't you stop him?!" cuz we have that much control hahaha! Oh man. I love that family.
Thursday we tried to see the potential that said we could come back but she wasn't home ): Just our luck. Maybe she will be home some other time! We went to the senior center and helped out there for a little bit. We got some groceries and came home and took a nap. Lunch is the best haha! We saw Sue and ended up talking to Bella, Dena and Marcus' little girl (remember them?!) I miss those kids a lot. Dena wanted us to come over but our schedules didn't work so well. We saw Eve for a bit then tried to catch Menolly. It was a hit and miss kind of day. We tried to find Tonja so that she could get a ride to the Relief Society dinner, but it didn't happen. The dinner was awesome. Lovely's sister in law, Christian, and her sister came. The sisters were super friendly and they said that they wanted to come to church so hopefully next week!! (:
Friday we did Weekly Planning which is always super challenging when you are the only one that knows the area. It went okay but we ended up going back to the senior center to help out with their pizza party. Pizza, coke, and oldies. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot! Living in a senior's paradise right there haha! Sister Paroda asked us to come with her to see Sabrina but she had to work so we didn't get to. It was a huge bummer and Sister Paroda said we weren't allowed to drive there at night /: Oh well. We gotta listen I guess. We did get to see the Hoffmans and Brother Hoffman was happy to see us. So it was a really good visit. When we were getting ready to go he told us "Don't go. You are the only peace we really get all day." I am 98.7% sure he was being sincere haha! I am going to take it that way (: We went to the Boni's and got stuck waiting for the Elders to show up for 30 minutes. It made us late to our appointment with Laurie and so that was super disappointing. But Laurie wasn't too bugged. She was really glad we came and we committed her to be baptized on November 8, 2014. Unfortunately, that is only 3 days after I go home, but it is more important for her to be solid in her testimony and coming to church consistently than for me to see her baptized. Whatcha gonna do? It's God's work, not mine.
Saturday was HECTIC. We had so much to do. We updated records in the morning then picked up the baptismal programs from Sister Fredrick. We taught Jackie about the law of chastity. She is married and has grandkids so that was fun....ha. We finished up Menolly's lessons and gave her a hug for good luck. We went to the church house and cleaned and filled the font. We got everything together and somehow it came together. It's super good to know that Heavenly Father is so involved in our every action, especially as missionaries. Cuz that would have been a total flop had we not had Divine Intervention haha! After the baptism we got to watch the General Women's broadcast and it was SWEET. I loved it a lot! There were so many good things from it! Oh, I loved it. "God knows more than we do."
Sunday Menolly was there bright and early and she got confirmed. Thank goodness! She is so goofy in public but she really does have a testimony. I know she does. She has shared it with us before!  (: We ended up teaching Gospel Principles because the teacher was gone and the Elders had to give a blessing. Seriously, I have never been so grateful for the Spirit in my entire life. We came home and I just crashed hard core. I love sleep hahaha! We tried to see the Braddy's to see how they thought things went, but no one was home. We met the Elders at the church and drove to the Hollanders who are from AZ!!! Represent! (: We got to see Tim and Tonja after dinner and talk with them. They are doing so well!!! (:
SO as you can see, this week has been a tad crazy. A lot of adjustments and change. Not necessarily bad, just different. It is good to know that God is in charge. I know that He makes changes so that we can grow. This time will be one of growing and learning and stretching and adapting, but I know that I will be a better person for it.
I love you so much and want to thank you as you continue to support me out here! I couldn't do it without you!
Sister Kaitlyn Crockett