Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Everything is for our Good

Weeeelll hello favorite people!! How's it going?? This week has been pretty good for the most part! We survived and it wasn't as bad as it was last week, thank goodness. But we do have transfer information...Sister Rock is getting transferred tomorrow ): It makes me super sad but I am excited for her! She'll do great things!

On Tuesday, we saw Dena and shared Earthly Father, Heavenly Father with her and she really liked! She even asked us to leave it up so that she could show Marcus when he got home! Score. But the kids made it kinda hard to ask them if they want to investigate. Grr. I just need to be bold!! We tried to visit lots of people but people don't seem to be home very often at 4 on a Tuesday. I don't know why they wouldn't be!! d: We visited Tanja and she had her grandkids over so she was super flustered; poor lady. Then we went to the Stinnetts so we could visit the Colberts. Sister Stinnett's daughter is dating their son and they are both on missions right now. By the end of the visit I was a walking rug. Like COVERED in hair. It was so gross!! And Sister Rock saw her first firefly (yes they are real!! and SO cool! (:  )

Wednesday we left early to go help at the Food Bank. Mostly we just talked with people and directed them if they had any questions. Then we went to our last district meeting. But no district meeting is complete without finding SOMETHING gross. Our zone leaders found a HUGE fly like MASSIVE and trapped it between the glass doors! d: Sick. After lunch we went to Donora and visited the Humberts. Sister Humbert's daughter is really sick and in the hospital. They keep asking us to pray for her because we offer "better" prayers than they do....we gotta work on that. But we did set up a blessing for them. The Priesthood is awesome. Sister Humbert wants to retake the lessons so she can remember what was first taught to her. Hopefully she'll come to church! We also saw Sister Latkanich. She is a wirey old thing haha! We had Book of Mormon and a lesson with Tanner. He is doing SUPER awesome and we reset him with a baptismal date of April 10, 2015. Sweeet! (:

Thursday was pretty long. We did service at the senior center. We saw Sue and talked about Jesus Christ as our "reference book" for everything we do. We made it out to Vi's and talked about enduring to the end with her. We also saw the Hoffmans but they told us to come back later. We were planning on going to visit the Abbeglens with our ward mission leader and his wife but then the family invited us to dinner. So we planned on that but then Sister Abbeglen was running late so they cancelled dinner...AND the lesson. Oh dear. The life of a missionary d: We saw the Hoffmans again and talked with them for a bit. They are pretty funny d:

Friday we had to split up weekly planning because we went to lunch with the Crooks. We had to get Sister Rock's blood drawn and then Sue called us. She asked for help in moving some clothes around. We got a call from Sister Hammond who asked if we still talked to Dena and Marcus. She invited them to dinner! And they said they could come!!!!! (: So we did then went to get some AWESOME gyros from a Greek guy downtown. We were able to talk with Sue for a little bit then we had to race to our dinner appointment. We had dinner with the Paul's. Then it was back to Bethel Park! I picked up Sister Stokes and we didn't stop talking until about 11:45....mmm probably Midnight. We had SO much fun!

Saturday was depressing and fun all at the same time...*sigh*. Missionary life. Sister Stokes and I went to correlation and then back for studies. We took lunch then off to Donora for us! We saw the Humberts and followed up on the blessing and Sister Humbert was really happy about that. We saw
Sister Latkanich again and she is doing well still. We saw the Sullivans and they had us make milkshakes while we talked about the gospel. SICK. haha! I was doing SO well! d: On the way home we were rushing because we had to exchange back AND make it to dinner on time PLUS make a cake. So we ran to the store and then dumb me thought "Hey, just turn up the temperature! That'll make it bake faster..." So up to 450 the oven went. I sat down after putting it in the oven and sat down. I looked at Sister Stokes and said "Wait.....that's not going to work!! It'll cook the outside before the inside is even CLOSE to being done!!" I ran to the kitchen but it was too late...mmmm blonde moment. And then the sisters showed up. So I just laughed and Sister Rock said we would just make it at the Hammonds. So we got another cake mix and rushed to the Hammonds and made it there. Dena and Marcus showed up and they had a BLAST!! The kids hit it off really well and everything went AWESOME!!!! (: And the cake turned out when I didn't touch it hahaha!

Sunday Sister Rock said good bye to everyone at church and just cried. The poor thing. 1st transfer is the hardest. We ran around all crazy visiting people and finally slowed down in the evening with dinner and a goodbye visit to the Aders. Yup. That was our week!! (:

Man, and the Tophams are going home on Saturday!! How weird!! I can hardly believe it!! So many landmarks are happening. The Tophams are leaving, my 11th transfer and my 14th month tomorrow!! I don't know where my time is flying to but I am glad it is being spent in the service of my God. I love this area and I can't wait to see it flourish more!! Everything is for our good!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you!!

All my love,

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Mishap and Lots of Storms

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Sunday! I love you Dad!! (:

So...this week I took the struggle bus everywhere I it was bad. It started on Monday...Sister Rock had a goofy mask on and was doing weird poses and some ladies asked what she was drinking because we were having a competition playing the flour game with the Elders at the Johnson's. Well, we lost and I was joking and shoved Sister Rock's face in the flour. But trying to get out really fast, it was kinda really hard. Her eyes watered which made the flour stick to her face worse and I felt like an idiot. Everyone thought it was so funny and I let her shove my face in the flour. We came off looking AWESOME lemme tell you. The whole ward asked about it because the Johnson's posted it on Facebook. Awesome. 

Tuesday I felt like I was in the car ALL day. We had zone conference and at to be in Greentree at 8:30 for car inspections PLUS we had to pick up the Mckeesport Elders. So we drove there and made it just in time. I got to see Sister Cook who I absolutely adore. It was a lot of fun. A little sad because President and Sister Topham are going home on the 27th so it's the last time a lot of us will see them. We got to "hang out" with them which was pretty sweet. The sisters group hugged President and he totally wasn't expecting it! So funny!! The Elders copied us....mmm. just awkward haha! We all got a picture with the Tophams and as I hugged Sister Topham she made me promise to keep in pinky promise! haha! She said "Be brave and be strong" and gave me a big hug. It was so sweet! I love the Tophams and I am sad to see them leave. It'll be an adventure with the Johnson's and quite exciting all the same.

Wednesday was BAD for me. Oh man. I wanted to hide in the darkest corner of our apartment and never emerge. We went to Dena and Marcus to help them out with their basement. When we got there, Dena said they wanted to work on the basement later so we would wash windows. So scrub away we did! Everything was going well and we had lunch with them. As we finished and wanted to share a spiritual thought...well let's just say the Spirit wasn't conducive to it, so we didn't. We quietly got back to work and just as we were finishing windexing the last window, Sister Rock asked me to hold the top window so she could do the bottom because they fold out towards the room. So I climbed up and opened the window, it made this weird noise and FELL OUT OF MY HAND!!!!! It came crashing down into the window below. I just said "No." Dena came in and Marcus said a few choice words. I felt HORRIBLE and offered several times to pay for the window but they refused. They said things happen and it will all be ok. I am SO glad they are nice people because I probably would have thrown me out. As I was leaving, I was apologizing to Dena and she said it wasn't my fault the window wasn't put in right. Then I hear "CROCKETT!" I sheepishly looked at Dena and she just shrugged and smiled. I went around the side and Marcus said "Crockett. Smile. It happened, it's over, and nothing is going to change it. Just smile ok?!" Yes sir! So we went home and Sister Rock gave me space. I just curled into a ball and fell asleep. I was pretty much useless for a good amount of time. We went to dinner at the Mackowiaks and a huge thunderstorm rolled in. We left for BoM class and it went pretty well. After mutual, Sister Crook and Haley sat in on our lesson with Tanner. It went really well. He is such a boss. But he doesn't turn 18 until April 2015.....sooo that will just be a matter of time.

Thursday came and was WAY better than the day before. obviously. We did service at the senior center. Then we went to Sue's house and helped package some meat for her. Yum raw beef. We went to Marissa's and she is goofy as always! She was dancing in her chair singing "That's funny!" over and over again. She's crazy and so funny. We met with Tanja and came up with a plan to help her stop smoking and hopefully it'll stick!! (: Pray for her please! We went to dinner at the Kerry's and they invited 2 non members over for dinner. I had the spiritual thought and I shared this story (paraphrased):
A man dies and is resurrected. He finds himself in a waiting room with another man. There is a door and it opens, the other man enters, the door closes. The man can hear everything behind the door. The interviewer begins.

I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

Well, He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem. He lived 33 years and the last three were His ministry where He set up His church. He called apostles to help Him and gave them the Priesthood.

The interviewer stopped him. Yes, Yes that is all true but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

He died on a cross for the sins of the world and rose the third day. He lives and visited the American continent. He showed them the wounds in His hands and feet and side.

Again, the interviewer stopped him. Yes, that is true but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

A little perplexed, the man began again. Well, He visited Joseph Smith and called Him as a prophet. He restored the gospel and the Priesthood keys. He gave us the sealing power so our families could be together forever.

The interviewer stopped him yet again. Yes, yes, all that is true.
The man was excused and the next man was invited into the room. As he entered and saw the interviewer, the man fell to his knees and exclaimed "My Lord, My God."
I was a little hesitant to share this because of non members but I realized it is always a good time to bring up the gospel. There is never a bad time to share with someone your testimony of Jesus Christ and so I did. They had tears in their eyes and the Spirit was really strong. We went on splits to do some visiting teaching with the ladies of the ward and it went really well! We visited some people and learned a lot....about the Elders' area. d: We are guilty of poaching a lot of the time but sisters are awesome and there are people we can reach. The Elders work in our area too so don't worry. They have plenty to do haha!

Friday we had weekly planning and got it all finished! Whoo triumphant! We had another HUGE storm roll through and the thunder was SO loud. It was pretty crazy, but not for PA haha! We then went on splits with Tanja and the Relief Society President, Marne. We saw the Humberts and it was kinda awkward for the most part but we survived and got a lesson in haha! We ate at the Cooks and watched another thunderstorm. It was way cool and super loud. We did try to visit people but no one seemed to be home at that time.

Saturday was the day Tanner was supposed to be baptized. Instead, we helped Brittany pack and move boxes. She is hoping to move to Tennessee soon. We had lunch and then saw Vi. We talked with Tim and Tanja next. We had to keep checking on Tanja because her daughter is home for a week and they don't always get along. Then we went to the Mosser's and ate AWESOME Brazilian food. It was so good. Brother Mosser also taught us how to throw a tomahawk. Pretty much a pro haha! We saw the Braddy's and Brother Braddy participated. This was a HUGE breakthrough! We were so happy when he commented and participated in the closing prayer (ya know...said Amen)

Sunday started off...well rough. But what wasn't this week. We locked our keys in the car. Luckily we have AWESOME member neighbors and Brother Martin came and broke into our car. We made it to the end of ward council and as we walked in, everyone started laughing. Yup. That's us! The sisters who lock their keys in their car d: But who hasn't right?? We had lunch at the Aders and talked about different experiences we've had with our fathers, earthly and Heavenly. It was kinda neat. Sister Rock wasn't feeling well so we came home and I studied a little bit. We left a few hours later and saw the Hoffmans. All in all a pretty eventful week!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! The Church is true!!

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

Be Still

Well I can hardly believe it's P-day again! This week FLEW by which scares the crap (ummm I mean scares me A LOT!!) because I need it to slow down!! haha! It's really starting to freak me out and I am glad I have as much time left as I do because any less would bring on a sheer panic attack. I know my mission is coming to an end in the next several months but I am definitely making the most of it!
With the summer some really bad allergies have hit which is pretty obnoxious! Sister Rock told me the other day that I was up to 6 sneezes in the morning and she was so proud of me because I was improving. Well gee, thanks!!

So Tuesday was really busy. We talked with Sue and even though she has been reactivated we still visit with her to keep her coming! She is so amazing and has a wonderful grasp of the gospel so we can talk about anything really. It's the best! We went to Marissa's and read the Book of Mormon with her to help her continue to grow and to learn as much as she can. We went to Tim and Tanja's and they taught us the law of chastity. We were rolling on the floor it was SO funny. Tanja REALLY hates kissing haha! We also went to the ward librarian's house, her name is Pinky. She is nice and we are trying to take a page out of President Monson's book and visit the widows as well as the less actives and investigators we are visiting. It makes for a pretty hectic schedule but I love it! 

Wednesday was district meeting and we got asked to help at the senior center in the morning because they were going to be extremely busy. So we went and then the elders picked us up. We had district meeting on the importance of the Book of Mormon so that was pretty good. We still had to do studies when we got home so that took up most of our day. We had dinner at the Mackowiak's house then blitzed to the Book of Mormon class.

Thursday we did service at the senior center. Old people are the best. I love giving service there because they are SO nice and so excited to see us. After serving and cleaning up lunch we went to Sister Braddy's and had a pretty good discussion on enduring to the end. We asked her to make her own commitment; she is an RM after all!! So she said she would read her scriptures so we are hoping she will come through!!! She then saw Vi and talked about the Holy Ghost with her. We kept it short because she wasn't feeling good. We went to Sue's house with the Elders and did service for them! It was really cool because Sue's husband, Bud, and their daughter Sarah, used to be really against the missionaries but we have really began to develop a good relationship with them!! Sarah is so funny and Bud likes to tease us now so we are moving our way up!! (: No one was home after dinner so we saw Sister Fitch and talked with her for a bit. She is the most adorable lady!!

Friday we had lunch with the Robkers after weekly planning. It was pretty awesome because Sister Robker invited her aunt who isn't a member but LOVES the missionaries. It was really cool. Then we went to help Sue again! It was really fun because our plans fell through but we were able to eat with her family again that night. We tried a potential investigator but she wasn't available so talked with Sister Stoy, an active/less active family. 

Saturday we helped Sue at the Fleatique (basically everyone sets up tables in downtown Monongahela and sells their old stuff, crafts, or food). It was really cool because we got to talk with a lot of different people. But we spent the whole day in the sun so we were pretty toasty by the end. We saw Sister Humbert and then tried to see Sister Latkanich but she fell again /: Her nurse says this is fall number 5 since she left the hospital so we are pretty worried about her. She is pretty old and not doing so well. Keep her in your prayers. We also saw Sister Shoaf and visited with her about her son who is on a mission in Utah right now. Then we had dinner at Tim and Tanja's and then had a lesson with them afterwards. We shared the lesson so no craziness then haha! But they were on one and telling all sorts of funny stories. 

Sunday we went to church and there were CRAZY thunderstorms!! It was pretty awesome!! We saw Dena and Marcus after studies and dinner. We are STILL working on them. I don't know why it is taking so long. We are getting them this week FOR SURE. Then we saw Cheran one of our investigators that we haven't been able to teach since I got here! Crazy. 

So that was my week! Sorry my letters aren't super exciting! I just want you to get an idea of what my day-to-day life is like! Some days are always better than others but it's alright there are always tender mercies.

This week I realized that I am moving too fast. I took a second to look at the time that I have had to "be still and know that [He] is God". So I dedicated some time in my studies to be still and contemplate God. I marked all the scriptures that I could find on that, one of my favorite being D & C 101:16. As I wrote on a little sticky note "Be still and know that I am God" to remind me. As I was putting it in the front of my scriptures I found a little picture card of the story of Mary and Martha. I read the story again and realized that that was EXACTLY what I had been studying. Martha was "anxiously engaged in a good cause" but Mary was taking time to be with the Savior who wouldn't be with her for very long. Although Martha was encouraged to remember to listen to the words Christ spoke, she was also commended  for her desires to make Christ comfortable. I relate to Martha more often than Mary because I want to be busy and involved but am I missing the time to spend with my Savior one-on-one? I encourage you to take time this week to "be still and know that [He] is God". Reflect on the time that Heavenly Father has given you and all of the blessings that are yours. Think of the relationship you have created with your Father. How well do you know Him and His plan for YOU? I know that is something I am going to work on this week as well!!

I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!! 


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

Unlikely Surprise in McDonald's

WELL! Here it is, another week has come and gone and I can hardly believe it. I will have some bad news to tell you, so just be prepared! Nothing horrible but I will need your help in some prayers.

Monday (unusual I know, but this is where it starts). We were at the Memorial Day Picnic and Sister Hoffman came up to us. She told us that when Tanner got home, his mom told him he could not get baptized. She had come across some anti material. So Tanner is pretty crushed and so were we, but with all of the miracles that have happened, I know that Heavenly Father will take care of it. But if you wouldn't mind praying for Tanner to have the strength to continue, I would appreciate it; I know he would too.

Tuesday we helped one of our investigators, Cheran, clean her house. She has a lot of dogs and so my allergies were CRAZY. But we got a lot done. We then saw the Humberts and it started POURING outside. They really like it when we come over so that it good! We hope that they will begin to understand the gospel better in the next few weeks! We tried to see Sister Latkanich afterwards, but she is STILL in the hospital; which isn't very good. She didn't look very good when we stopped by. We took dinner then saw Brother Burnworth. He is a hilarious old man!! His daughter, Rachel, was there and she told her conversion story even though she is less active. It was really cool, actually. We had a good talk. We are still working on inviting Dena and Marcus to take the lessons! It's so hard to find an opening but, we have to move soon! I'll probably just be very bold next time we see them. Then the storm rolled in again and we had to go inside because we couldn't see outside!

Wednesday we did 12 hour missions with 2 of the girls in the ward that are home from college. I was with Isabella who leaves for the Dominican Republic on the 4th! We did studies and had District Meeting. I never realized HOW awkward missionaries were until we threw 2 non missionaries in the mix haha! Oh man. So weird haha! Isabella and I went to visit Sue and we talked about fasting. We spent our day making contact with all sorts of people. Some less actives, some potentials, and some non members who wanted nothing to do with the church. Just a typical day as a missionary. We went to dinner and this old guy's phone rang. It was "We are never getting back together" by Taylor Swift....yup. Pennsylvania. Then the Book of Mormon class. We ended up having a really good discussion in the class. 

Thursday was all service. We went to the senior center as usual then we went to Dena and Marcus' to help them clean their basement....that was SKETCH. haha! It was so much fun though! We scrubbed the floors because they had flooded with the monster rain storm that came through. Then we had to go to dinner at the Crook's. We had the Relief Society meeting afterwards, so that is where we spent our day. 

Friday was weekly planning and Jackie's lesson. Half way through she got a call from her daughter that her granddaughter had swallowed a bottle of vitamin C (turns out it's water soluble). So she rushed to pick her up and take them to the hospital. We ended up driving to Paige's to try and see her. She wasn't home. /: It makes me so sad because I love her and we had a ton of fun in Beaver!! I wish she would just come to church!! We then went to Meg's and saw Chelsey. Chelsey is married to a less active member whose parents live in the ward. We are trying to start teaching her and she said she wants to learn more! We then went to dinner and visited Sister Fitch! She is the sweetest old lady in the world!! I love her so much!! haha! 

Saturday. Oh man. This day was CRAZY. Like typical missionary day. But so extraordinary it's not even funny. It started on Friday night after planning. Our main plan fell through so we decided to do what we could. We visited Sister Latkanich again. She is doing a lot better than the last time we saw her. When we showed up to the hospital, our lunch appointment fell through. So we were struggle busing it. We visited Sister Braddy and they were cleaning their house so of COURSE my allergies decided to flare up. Talk about difficult. We talked about the Holy Ghost and then walked everywhere in the world. Nope, just Charleroi. We walked to Vi's house and then took dinner. We ate and then decided to go grab a 49 cent ice cream cone and McDonalds. We're haha! So we walk in and stand in line when a guy runs up and says "Sisters! Let me pay for you!!" We looked pretty shocked and he said "Don't worry! I'm a member! Please, let me pay for you!" Sooo a member we don't know in OUR area?? What? We got our ice cream cones and went to talk to them. Chad is from California and his wife, Michelle is from Utah. They both go to BYU-I but are here for the summer installing security systems. They are actually in Pitt 2nd ward! We were so mind blown! And their friends walked in and they were members as well!! It was so weird to see so many members in one place (; haha! But it definitely was a tender mercy. Not that we couldn't buy our own ice cream but that the whole experience took place. The act meant more than the money. We then walked to the Hoffman's and talked with them, then went to the Sullivans. They are the sweetest!!

Sunday was really good! Fast Sunday wasn't that bad. We had a really good ward council and Tanner came to sacrament meeting! I don't know how much longer he will be able to. I know it will all work out. This isn't our work; it's the Lord's. We said goodbye to Isabella who leaves this week. Then did studies and went to the Stinnett's for dinner. They crack me up. One of their sons came home and surprised them for his Mother's Day gift. We had a really good Sabbath. 

So that's how my week went! It was busy and we got 11 less active recent convert lessons!! We average about 7-8 weekly so that was really cool! It was so wonderful to be able to work with the youth this week! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Sister Crockett