Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"A bible, a bible"

BRENTWOOD, Pa. — Even though I've talked you to less than 24 hours ago, I'll keep you updated.

My trainer is Sister Montgomery. She is 22 and from Washington (yes, we already discussed Twilight and she hates it just about as much as I do for ruining our states). She is so amazing. She went to the Philippines for a month but got sick and had to come home, so now she is here!! (: I really lucked out. Funny story, she was working in the office and all the new missionaries pictures were hanging up and she looked at my picture and Sister Cook's (my new friend and I'll hopefully send pictures home soon!!) and said to her companion, "One of these sisters is going to be one of our companions. Just watch." And when we were eating lunch before our companions were assigned I was hoping she would be my trainer. Out of the sisters there, she stuck out, mostly because she said "I struggle in life more than most do," as she poured half her water bottle down her face. Got to love companions. 

So, tracting: pretty much brutal here in PA. Everybody here is Catholic and "happy with their religion" or "I was born Catholic and I'm gonna die Catholic." It's pretty crazy. We have tons of potential investigators who rarely turn into more than that. Like the first woman we taught here was an old Catholic woman named Coletta. She was really interested in living with her husband forever, but when we came back to talk about Joseph Smith and the RESTORED gospel, she started putting our lesson away and just said "no, no. no. I'm ok with being Catholic. I want to be Catholic." It nearly broke my heart, but you just have to keep moving. Then this woman, Dania, she was baptized in 2005, but went inactive because she thought the church was prejudiced and some other interesting things, so Sister Montgomery and I can't wait to get back to teach her and her twin 9 year-old girls, who haven't been baptized.

The weather here is pretty all over the place, it has been pretty rainy actually. I didn't realize how much I missed the Arizona sun until I had to walk in the rain — every day of my life —and freeze. Because you know, I was planning for mostly humid and warm, not 100% humidity and cold haha! But it is an adjustment I'll have to make.

The ward here is 45 strong... people that is, not families. So pretty tiny. All of them amazing people who are very generous in feeding the missionaries — there are 5 of us!! The "moving" elders are in our area so they share the ward with us. That is a whole other story...

Elder Reamund is going home at the end of this transfer so he is pretty trunky (which makes it hard for a girl like me who JUST got here to not be focused on home life). Elder Thomas is here til October and Elder Sutherland is here til February and has the thickest hick accent as one can get, he is also from Southern California. They are pretty...interesting. But at least we can get rides from them every once in a while. (We are in a walking area and yes, President approved that we ride to church and other mission things with them).

Thank you every one for the letters in the MTC!!! I felt so loved!! Even though I haven't or couldn't write back I really appreciate it from everyone!!

My new address (and I'll be here for about 12 weeks hopefully) is:

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mission
3336 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

so if you feel like writing me, I would be one happy missionary!! (:

I love ya'll tons and thanks for everything!! you are awesome!!


Sister Crockett


  1. She is sooooo dear!! How precious a testimony!! I love it and her!!!

  2. We are in the Pitts mission....come see us!