Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Choose Not to be Offended

Hey there Family! (:

I am doing SO good!! 

Start of a new transfer and Sister Montgomery and I are stuck together for the next one (we have a feeling it may be longer.) I kinda feel the same way about the mission call opening. I wouldn't change that at all. (:

Kelcie would gosh that girl cracks me up! I miss her like CRAZY! Make sure she knows that. (: And shoot I would have bought her clothes (; I have been writing to Stuart and he is as goofy as ever. We all have our ups and downs (take this week for example) but he is the same old Stuart ha.

 I have to tell you (And I swear I'll get a picture SOME time) but as we are leaving church there is a UHAUL store RIGHT across the street from an intersection we have to wait at forever. Cracks me up every time.

So this week....yuck. Not the greatest. Our numbers still beat the Elders...according to our district leader ha! Not that numbers matter...but really, this week was gross. Sister Montgomery and I cracked under pressure more than once, hence the pictures I will send...don't judge. Gotta keep sane somehow!

Tuesday, We tried to go visit a less active who has a kind of crazy family...and I don't mean hectic I mean...crazy. She wasn't home so we started to walk back to our apartment but we remembered a PI that we had wanted to start to teaching. So we walked down to her house and she was actually home! No way we could have remembered her or known that she was home at that time except by the Spirit. So we got in and started to teach. Kala is from Nepal and her family is all Buddhist. She says somehow she is "Drawn to Christ". If that isn't true doctrine and the start of a testimony, I don't know what is. She didn't have any knowledge of the Bible or what kind of things happened during the Savior's life but she is reading the Book of Mormon. (And we found out yesterday she is moving to North Carolina at the end of this month.)

So many less actives here! They all have the same story “So and so offended me x-amount of years ago so I don't know if the church is true anymore.” -__-

Let me just tell you. Christ, who is the center of this Church, was spit upon, given an unfair–not to mention ILLEGAL–trial, whipped, mocked, reviled, and killed because people were "offended" by His teachings. As He was hanging from a cross, nailed to wood, He forgave the people who did those HORRIBLE things to Him. Now PLEASE tell me how you have any right to be "offended" by the imperfect people of this Church. Forgiveness is an attribute we teach but do we actually use it? Or is it something we just talk about on Sunday? Anyway. It was just a defining moment for me to never let the little things slip. I will always read my scriptures and pray because the moment I think I have "done enough" is the moment doubts enter my mind.

Wednesday, we visited Dania after she got a little upset with us inviting her to church. She was tired of the missionaries "sneaking" that in after they be-friend her. We explained we loved her and that we just wanted to help her find happiness, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she started to come around. We are going to still be working with her thank goodness! We also went to our investigator, Gary's house. We had to pass him to the Elders because he was... a little awkward, and the Elders would get along with him better anyway. But, they were on exchanges and Elder Sutherland is getting transferred...so there will be TWO new Elders next time they teach him. Oh well.

 We met with Andrea and her mom, Maria. Andrea is a typical 15 year old and we told her we would only come back when she wanted us to. Maria wasn't too happy but agreed that would probably be best. We also got to see Mandee Mancuso! Franky (her 9 month old) was ready to go down for a nap but it was good to visit with her for a little bit. We found out it was Brian's (her husband) birthday so we brought some cupcakes by later that night.

Our dinner appointment was...interesting. Sister Zadach is from the Philippines and wanted to make food for us but Brother Zadach said we would like pizza better. He was right haha! She gave us homemade lemonade and pizza. The Elders were in heaven...that is until her Filipino hospitality kicked in and invited them to get more pizza. Every time they finished a slice. Then served dessert. We were SO stuffed. It was really nice though haha!

Thursday, just district meeting and appointments falling through. BUT! We did find 2 new investigators. Dave actually asked us to stop and talk to him about the church which was really nice. And we went street contacting. We were called "librarians" by a girl with flaming orange eye shadow and more than a few piercings in her face. If that is the worst thing I get called, I am ok with that.

Friday, was very similar...minus district meeting.

Saturday, we broke down and bought pizza and ice cream and I don't even feel sorry. After a crazy day, it was what we needed. We tried tracting after dinner and found 2 old Italian women who were SO Roman Catholic it isn't even funny. SO yeah.

Sunday was very similar to Saturday. /:

That is our unfortunate week!

Well, that is all!

Love you!!

Sister Crockett

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