Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dobby, Dehydration and Tracting

Whew. We survived another week!! And let me tell you, it was CRAZY!! I appreciated the long letter Mom, because it seems we have had Dobby visiting our mailbox! We went 4 days without a single letter/package. (But I did get your package on Tuesday! It was great thanks!) I was glad to hear something from the outside worlds. And just so you know, today is my 2 months. :D Only getting better from here!!

So Tuesday. We had lunch with some awesome members, the O'Farrells. Missy got home like 2 months ago haha! Her mom, Mary Ann, is a character and a half! They are super great.

We went to Mercedes' after and well–that was interesting–as always. She doesn't remember a thing, tells us the same 5 stories for an hour, tells us God sent us to answer her prayers and then we leave. Great lady BUT we don't know how much longer we will be teaching her because she won't come to church and just likes to visit with us. We will just follow the Spirit on that one.

We tracted after that. And guess what? Nothing. Happened. Members are SO crucial to our teaching!! Tracting doesn't work, that is not what missionary work is. PLEASE listen to the Worldwide Leadership Broadcast. Missionaries need help finding those that are ready to teach.

Mom, you are doing SO well helping with Perla! I am so happy every time I read about you getting her for an activity or inviting her to church because that is what members are FOR. Missionaries should slip in and slip out, hardly noticed. (: That's my job! Anyway. We tried to find former investigators and that didn't work so well. They had all moved over a year ago.

Wednesday, another long day of tracting. With no success. We spent several hours walking around, looking for people to teach and no one wanted to hear the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! ): We met our new Elders on Wednesday too, since Elder Remund went home and Elder Sutherland got transferred. We now have Elder Davidson from Utah and Elder Palmer from Flagstaff. And they think they are hilarious. But they aren't. So we just get to put up with them for the next 6 weeks! Haha!

We held our 1st Book of Mormon class!! And the total number of people that came?? 3. Yup. The Smiths, and Bishop. The Bishop reminds me a lot of Mr. Brooks (M.H.S. Band teacher) if you get what I'm saying. He means well just sometimes bites off more than he can chew.

Thursday. Uhhh. This day did NOT start off that well. We decided to go running (ice cream is bad for you and yes Mom, I am eating lots of fruits and veggies -__-). So. We run about a mile and Sister M starts looking pretty pale and is cramping really bad. We start walking and end up sitting in front of a coffee shop for 10 minutes before she darts inside. She runs to the rest room and I had to awkwardly wait outside. She comes out 20 minutes later, is so pale and clammy I could tell something was wrong. She just tells me to call Mandee (the AMAZING less active we are working with). I call her and she says she will come and pick us up as soon as she can. Meanwhile, Sister M is laying on the pavement and sweating and pale and I start to freak out a little. I tried to stay calm to not freak her out, but it is still pretty hard to stay calm when your companion is writhing on the floor. I called President Topham and he said to wait until Mandee got there than call the doctor in our ward. Mandee showed up and luckily she is a Physician's Assistant and totally knew what to do.

We got Sister M into Mandee's car and went to her house. By 8:30, Sister Montgomery was well hydrated and actually started to get some color back. We spent a good portion of the morning (til 10) at the Mancuso's. I finally met Brian (also a PA), Mandee's husband, and we made faces at Frankie (turns 1 on the 26th!). When Brian heard that Sister M wasn't doing so great, he came down the stairs and said "You aren't pregnant right? Cuz that might be really awkward. 'Uhh President. Yeah, she is...pregnant.'" Just trying to lighten the mood and make us laugh at a freaky situation. It worked. (:

Brian got back from bear hunting in Alaska about 3 weeks ago, loves guns, and talked about the AZ border with me. Pretty great guy haha! We discussed how it was not uncommon to go shooting on dates and his reply was "Even I know that is lame!" haha! They are so good to us.

Mandee took us home after Sister M was recovered; Sister M insisted we still go to District Meeting, the crazy. I made sure she was alright and we did. We took the rest of the day slow and I made her nap after District Meeting. By the evening she was completely fine. We went to the Relief Society Activity (This Little Piggy) and talked with a member's (Sister Winsor) mom and neighbor about the gospel. Turns out, Sister Winsor's family was Fundamentalist until she was 12! They are an amazing family. We went home to some much needed rest after the activity.

Friday was a lot of the same. We tracted, nothing happened, we came home and started to plan for a better tomorrow when we get a text from Dania. Her girls, Jaeda and Jasmine, had a dance recital and she wanted us to come to the dress rehearsal! Of course we took her up on it. We have been trying to build trust with her for SO long. She is so great! The girls were phenomenal considering they are 9 years old! Goodness, I love this family!!

Saturday, we did the same thing we had done all week: tracted.

No one was interested.

Sister M got heated up when a lady said the Book of Mormon wasn't the word of God, tried quoting Revelations to us, so we left because these Catholics are CRAZY!!! Bible Bashing gets you no where. People were literally hiding from us. We would knock on a door. No answer. Move down the street a little, and they would drive away. Awesome. Tracting just isn't effective.

Sunday was crazy busy! We had ward council at 9, Church until 1 and then we went to Frankie's birthday party to support the Mancuso's. They are so funny. Brian tried to stuff us with as many hot dogs and cake as he could! We were SO full. Mandee made sure to come and talk to us and make sure we were doing alright after Thursday; she is so wonderful. As I said before, it is like coming home for a bit.

After the party we studied for uh, 30 minutes then had to go to our dinner appointment with the Kimbers. They have 6 kids and are from Utah. Typical Mormon family! Sometimes that is the best! (: They had the same plates as we do back home (the tan ones with the little hearts) and the 'O' Jerusalem' painting in the same frame hanging in their living room. Talk about going home haha! It was great! We watched the broadcast at their house and man was it great!! (: Can you believe that we are gonna be using the internet more?? Tracting, as I said, does NO GOOD! If you get anything from the broadcast, take it that members have to help us help them! Trust the missionaries with friends and family! We don't know them as well as you do and we leave at times withing 6 weeks! Help a sister out (;

Well, that is it!! Another week down! I hope you are all doing well and may you feel Heavenly Father's love for you!!


Sister Crockett

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