Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Illness & Transfers

Hello there family!!! Yes I survived the negative temperatures surprisingly!! But here I am!! This week wasn't super great for us because of the weather and also, well. We got sick d: So here is what happened!

Tuesday was a the grand temperature of 2. Cold enough? Apparently not. It was negative 3 the day before. We had to stay inside because the roads were treacherous! We did go to correlation and then to a less active's house so the Elders and Bro Yovich could give her a blessing. Not really sure why we went...ha. Then we went to fax in Rasheda's baptismal record to the mission office. We then went to dinner at the Pamula's. And that is how we survived the frigid weather.

Wednesday was EXTREMELY dramatic. Because of the freezing weather, a pipe burst in the Cranberry building and we spent most of district meeting cleaning that up. It was CRAZY. We couldn't do much "because we are girls" and the Elders had to be the big boys around there so we sat in the chapel..out of their way. whatevs. We had District Meeting and then went to lunch. We weren't able to see that many people which was disappointing but we did get a return appointment with a potential!!!! (: And we saw Mike and Vicki. Vicki has lost about 15 pounds since we last saw her which is not good because she is MAYBE 65 pounds. She did gain 7 back and is supposed to be getting a feeding tube soon. She was actually pleasant which isn't always the case. We had a pretty good visit though.

Thursday is when I got sick. I couldn't stay awake because I slept bad the night before and I had a sore throat and head ache. We managed to get out of the apt which helped a lot too. We went to Char's house and then Paige picked us up to go visit Rasheda. Rasheda ran in to some anti material because she was "curious" what the other side of the story was and wanted some help studying the Book of Mormon. We cleared up her concerns and said she didn't feel like her faith was shook at all, which is a good thing. Paige took us to dinner at THE best sub shop ever (sorry Ned's). Like this was the BOMB.COM. So good. But they only have it in one place: Midland and we NEVER go there ): Afterwards, we went to the Relief Society activity on homemade cleaning/beauty products. Not super helpful out here, but maybe in the future haha!

Friday, again. Sick. It was bad. We had lunch and then I drug our sorry butts out of the apt and did some missionary work. We did see Lorraine and Julian and had a nice lesson with them. It took forever because they are all over the place but it was good. Then we had dinner and then went to Wendy and Mel's. It wasn't super great because she left the TV on...Leverage. ugh. TV is so mindless and pointless. I'll learn some day.

Saturday was pretty disastrous for us. Transfer calls. We hurried through weekly planning and then went to the Green's. We had lunch, no call. We went to the church to help set up for a wedding reception, no call. We helped make food for the reception, no call. By this time I am literally freaking out and want to curl up in a ball because my stomach is in knots. We ended up finding out that they weren't calling until 9:30 PM!!!!!! Ugh. So we made it through the night and then the phone rang. I stared at it for a little bit, truly terrified of what would be said on the other line.

"Hello. This is Sister Crockett."

"Hello Sister Crockett, this is Elder Jones. How was your day today?"

"Fine. What do you have to tell us??"

"Oh not much. What was your favorite part of the day?"

"What is happening with transfers?!?"

"This is Sister Crockett??"


"Oh. Well, I need to talk to your companion."


"Hi this is Sister Larsen."

"Hey Sister Larsen, how many times this week did you wear an infinity scarf?"

"NONE! Why??"

"Oh, sorry! You are toast! Gonna have to transfer you!"

Our Zone Leaders think they are hilarious. I AM STAYING IN BEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Sunday, was all goodbyes for her. We saw Sister Smego, the Biernessers and Sister DeBaker. Everyone tried to sign up for dinner that night. We ate with the Biernessers AND the McBrides...luckily we spaced it out enough so it was more late lunch and later dinner. It was hard to see this all take place because we have had a pretty good run. These 3 months have simply flown! I have no idea WHERE the time went! I mean we were here for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years. Pretty long time and yet, not so much! crazy!

Well, I look forward to my adventures in the Beaver Valley Ward and can't wait to hear from you all!! (: I'll be better at writing someday! But at least the work is moving forward!

Love you guys and I'll talk to you soon!!


Sister Crockett

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