Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Year and The Plan of Salvation

Well Happy New Year everyone!!

You guys ready for some NEGATIVE temperatures? It is week 6 of transfers and I don't know where I'll be in a week and a half. I can't believe transfers are next week! Crazy how the time flies! So, I'll dive right in to the week in PA!

Tuesday, being New Years eve really put us on a time crunch. We had to be in by 6 pm. We did go to the McBride's again for dinner and we heard some bad news...Elder Cox was coming home the next day. So we are back to a one Elder system. It's hard on the ward and work but we cope. We also heard that one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Draper, went home too!! It's so scary how many are leaving!

Wednesday we tried Alice and gave her a short lesson on the Sabbath day and faith hoping she would come to church, but that was really to no avail! She won't come to church or progress, so we are gonna have to slow down our visits to every couple weeks. We then went to District Meeting and since we felt really left out without a third companion (Cranberry Elders have Elder Waddoups and Cranberry Sisters have Sister Walborn) we devised a companion for ourselves. We received a thing of pretzel twists and drew some eyes and lips on her and gave her a name tag. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sister Wives. (; aren't we clever? The Sisters had lunch because boys are gross even if they are Elders. By the time we got home it was time for the ward new years party at the Wrights' bowling alley. I'm a little sick of bowling so I just talked to the members for the time, BUT I got to wear pants and that was a HUGE plus.

Thursday it snowed all day and that made it super difficult. We had correlation and then found out some people had moved and then went and saw Char which I love to do SO much! We talked about service and it turned to charity which was fun to talk about. Then we had dinner and went to our lesson at Lorraine and Julian's. We were handing over Julian so he could be taught by Elder Waddoups since Julian is 9 and needs some good role models in his life. Julian didn't like him at first (you are so boring! You are making me go to sleep! *fake snore*) to begging him not to leave (man that woman (his grandma) is CRAZY!! *whisper* can I go home with you??) it was so funny! We had a good time and we know that this is the Lord's work so it doesn't really matter who is teaching him...we're all on the Lord's errand.

Friday was weekly planning and it only took us 2.5 hours!! Record!! haha! It was so cold though! We went to Alice's to confirm that she would come to church on Sunday and we got her to commit! yay! Except she didn't that was sad. But then we went and picked up Sister Walborn for "exchanges". It was weird but still fun. We saw Wendy and had a great discussion with her. It was good because her husband wasn't there and she could be very open. Then we tried a guy named Brian who was ordained a high priest but has since gone inactive. He wasn't happy to see us but told us to come back we will (:

Saturday was especially tough. I didn't sleep well the night before and it was just rough. We had to work on our area book some and then Sister Walborn noticed some names of guys she went to EFY with. We then went and visited them and their parents (one is on a mission) and it was kinda weird not gonna lie haha! We then dropped her off and came home. I got the package from mom. I was SO excited for my gramma dress and Daughter of a King book. I then read the letter from mom. Luckily, she warned me for the last part. Oh dear sweet Andrew; he is so lucky to be with our Father again! We'll miss him but I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that I have that I will be with my family forever. Nothing can take that away.

Sunday we had a marvelous testimony meeting! It was all about the plan of salvation and eternal families. I cannot deny that God hears and answers my prayers. After church, we went to Sister Smego's and got trapped in by the Elder and the Bishop. When everyone left, we went to visit Linda and Debbie and then tried a referral. Denise is not a member but her mom was and Sister R Neeley wanted us to drop off family history stuff to her. Denise was happy to see us and when we gave her the packet she almost started crying. "It's my mom's birthday today. You have no idea how much this means to me!" We asked if we could come back and she said sure next Sunday. Then we went to dinner at the Petrosky's which was fun! They are goofy and we talked about all sorts of weird things. Ya know missionary work.

Just some thoughts about Andrew and the plan of salvation. My heart is really twisted right now. I am so happy for him because he is free and able to be with Heavenly Father and family again, yet I feel for Ken and Brenda because this isn't easy on them I am sure. I remember his impeccable timing and sweet smile. I wonder what it will be like to see him again; healthy and standing to greet us again. Oh how great the plan of God!! How marvelous to know that he is safe and free! How wonderful to know that we will be together as a family forever! I am sure we will all miss him, but he is so much better now! I am sure he is happy and cheering us on.

So this week has been especially weird for us. Knowing that I go home this year is a surreal experience. I am almost half-way through my mission and I don't know where the time has gone or what I will experience in the remaining 9 months. I know that it will be great and I am so happy to be on a mission; especially in Beaver! I will let you know a week from today whether or not I will be in Beaver for an additional 3 months or if the Lord calls me to another area! I love you all very dearly and you are in my prayers and thoughts!

Make this year amazing!

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