Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The "Itty-Bitty" Letter

(So Sis. Crockett emailed today but was "too busy" to send a big email.  "Sorry mom!" She said.   Apparently she had too much planned today for p-day.  She said she will tell me all about it in 17 days.   Lol!  
I did ask her for one story and this is what she shared.   What more could a mom ask for?!  Enjoy!)

Last Sunday we went to Lovely's surprise birthday party. It was actually a dinner and we went with Sister Machowiak. We surprised     Lovely and everything was going well. Then her cousin walks out with 2 bottles of wine. Ummm awkward. We are talking around it as it gets passed around. Then Lovely sees it and says "HEY! We don't drink!" and gestures to me and Sister Sampson and Sister Machowiak. It was awesome to see her stand up for her beliefs amongst all her friends. Almost everyone there wasn't a member. We had an opportunity to speak with everyone about the gospel and a lot of them were interested. Now it's the waiting game! I love being a missionary (:

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