Sunday, October 19, 2014

To be Continued...

....who on earth celebrates Columbus Day I ask you?! Geez. Just throws all of our plans out the window ahaha! But we had a good P-day yesterday. We played some super fun games with our district and the Pitt 2nd Elders. Mostly volleyball because it involves less running haha! We had a blast though! And silly us, we forgot to take pictures! d: Sorry!

But my week....

So Tuesday was long and pretty good. We picked up McKeesport REALLY early so that we wouldn't be late and we weren't!! We were 15 minutes early actually! Surprise, surprise. We had interviews and they were super good. I love the Johnsons. They are so sweet and loving. We had a training on using family history as a missionary tool. I am super bad at it. We tried to role play, I am just no good at it hahaha! We couldn't stop laughing at our silly attempts and contacting people with family history approaches. Basically, we need more practice. We had lunch and then we got to watch.....


Twice. (:

It was SO good. Oh man. I just cried and cried during the missionary mom. Too real for me haha! And I don't think I thought it was so good because I haven't seen a real movie in over 17 months....just saying haha! But for real. If you get a chance. WATCH IT. By the time the movie was over and we took the Elders home, it was late and we still needed to study so that is what we did. Even if I did feel like death haha!

Wednesday we taught Doreen, the lady from last Saturday that called the church. It took a long time and she is definitely in McKeesport's area. But she really wanted Sisters to come and teach her so we are going to have to work that one out. She said that she was open to being baptized if that is what she was supposed to do. So that is something. We went to lunch with Sue and just talked. I love her so much. She is the greatest!!! Sue-per woman indeed. We went home and got cleaned up (so we didn't smell like cigarettes anymore) and then we went and saw Vi for a little bit. The poor lady needs lots of company!! We then went and saw Sister Hoffman for a little bit. She is a sweetheart. For dinner we went out with Brother Alton. Pretty much the coolest old guy ever. He is seriously amazing.

(Mom, I will finish this email next week but I just wanted you to get some of what we did)

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