Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peace, Love and a High-Five

WHOOOO!! This week has been SUPER crazy for us! In an awesome way!! I'm so happy!!

Tuesday, we went to a funeral. I never thought I would go to SO many funerals on my mission! We never actually met the lady, but that's ok. Her family weren't members and they did things really different. The air just seemed so depressed. I mean all funerals are sad, but it was just heavy. Mortality is so fragile, but it allows to treasure the gift we've been given and the knowledge we have. After the funeral, we emailed home and then rushed to correlation. After a long meeting, we had a GRAND lesson with the wonderful Char. We talked about the Word Of Wisdom and she is a nurse so she totally gets it haha! Which is nice! Next was our dinner appointment and then went to the Bishop's house to meet with him. He helped us out a ton! It was a really good meeting.

Wednesday was Zone Training. I really miss my old Zone!! They were so cool and I knew them. But it is nice to meet some more missionaries. We then met with the RS president. She is going to come out with us on team-ups this week!! So exciting! We raced to Barb's house, but she had scheduled a dentist appointment during our appointment so we had to reschedule for the next day. We then saw Sister Philippi. Her granddaughter wasn't there. Right as we were praying, her friend burst in and interrupted. We didn't really get to teach a lesson, so we just shared a quick spiritual thought and went to our next appointment at the church. Sister Neely, the RS president, met us there and we taught Claryssa, a recent convert. She is the sweetest thing in the world!! It was an awesome lesson!

Thursday, we met with Alice again. And surprise surprise, we talked about blessings. She just isn't understanding that money does NOT equal blessings. It's heart breaking. We were able to meet with Barb though. 3 of her 4 sons were there and REALLY crazy. They are all young adults, but don't have any sense of respect or responsibility. At the end of the thought, we asked Barb who she wanted to pray and she picked her son, Simeon. He didn't want to say it so his older brother, Trent, was like "I'll say it". It was a great prayer and Trent actually came to church and stayed all 3 hours! But that's later. We went to our dinner appointment with a Less Active/Part-member (LAPM) home for dinner. Wendy made homemade chicken noodle soup, bread, pumpkin roll and carrot cake. I ate WAY too much haha! It was SO good. We had an awesome lesson, and hopefully, we'll be able to teach her husband, Mel! He's basically a member, but he drinks and smokes, so that's kind of an obstacle.

Friday was just another weekly planning monster. I don't know why it takes us SO long to plan!

Saturday, we helped the McBride's move. All. DAY. LONG. I packed books, an entire kitchen and some china. 8 hours later...I was just a little tired haha!

Sunday was AMAZING!!! After Sacrament meeting EVERYONE came up and talked to us for some reason. It was cool. And the Goettman's from Pitt 2nd were there because his entire family is in Beaver. So we talked with them for a little bit. It was kinda strange but cool at the same time. After church we went with Sister Owen to Ashley and Eli's (LAPM). We have been trying to meet with them since we got here, but we finally got in! We had an awesome lesson. Ashley made us lunch and Eli chitchatted with us while we ate. Oh, Eli is the non-member. So when we finished he said "So are we gonna do these discussions??" We laughed and started teaching lesson one which is the Restoration. As we were teaching, I'd turn to Sister Owens and ask her a question to involve her in the lesson. I felt prompted every time to ask Ashley the same question. The Spirit has never been so strong in a lesson before. It was amazing. We asked Eli to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and Joseph Smith and he agreed to do that. We then asked him if he would "follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority". AND HE ACCEPTED!!! More than that!! He said "Well, isn't that the goal?? I mean, I want to be sealed to Ashley and this is the first step." I was SO HAPPY!!! The Spirit was key to this lesson. I'm sure he would have accepted but to have his wife and friend testify was simply amazing. It really strengthened the power of the lesson. We then went to our dinner appointment at the Tame's and we were just so happy the entire time! It's a great time to be a missionary!! (:

I love you all!! Thank you so much for your support! There are times when I get discouraged, but knowing that Heavenly Father is aware of what I'm going through and Jesus Christ has promised to never let me struggle alone, allows me to move forward. This is the work of salvation and it is too precious to be won without a struggle. We are learning how to be comfortable in God's presence and the natural man is not happy with that. But we find joy in knowing that God can make us infinitely better that what we could make of ourselves!! Stay strong and Carry on!! (:

Love, Sister Crockett

Sorry, it was a busy week. No pictures )

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