Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creepy Libraries & Lock-outs!

Dear Family,

Happy Daylight Savings time!! Basically the best/worst thing in the world! Hope Halloween was super fun!! (: We enjoyed being in and being girls, but that'll come later.

Tuesday was Ward Correlation. Brother Yovich is our Ward Mission Leader and he thinks we may be related...so I'm gonna need some family history sheets hahaha! Grandma and Grandpa?? (; Afterwards we ate lunch in the car after that and listened to some John Bytheway because we are super limited on miles and our area is HUGE!!! So after lunch we went and visited the sweetest lady in the world, Char. She has been less active for about 20 years and wants some help getting back into the Church. We read Ether 12 and she shared some awesome thoughts as we read. I seriously feel like I'm getting taught more than I am teaching. We had to do some tracting afterwards because all of our plans fell through ): We did some Mormon.org time in the creepiest library I have ever seen. It has a basement that belongs in horror films. And of course that's where they keep the bathrooms d: awesome.

Wednesday we had district meeting and were running a little late, which was AWFUL because it was interview time with President Topham. But our District Leader misunderstood. Instead of District Meeting at 9, it was at 10:30. So we did studies with the other sisters in our district and then our phone rang. We had some awesome plans for the day, but our ride cancelled which made our day nearly impossible, We had to re-arrange everything and it was miserable. District Meeting commenced and Sister Topham told us that they had learned that 7 missions in the area were getting ipads in January. We aren't one of them, BUT we are getting them early next year!! (: It's gonna be big. (; Interviews came and went. Nothing really to report there. Afterwards, we visited a less active named Vicki. She has had some rough situations in her life, but she said she would read the Book of Mormon and get to church...eventually. It's an interesting story with her. Then we went and saw another less active, Barb. We ended up tracting again because we ran out of things to do. *shrug* that's life I guess.

Thursday was Halloween!! (: We tried some less actives and former investigators, but it didn't result in much unfortunately. We had 4.3 miles to work with, so we couldn't go very far. We walked to a member's house and visited with them for a bit. She drove us home when it started raining and we were in for the night. The entire apartment is spotless now haha! We decided to have a little "spa night"...yup! pictures to come!! haha! we painted nails and all that good stuff. We turned in early to try and get a little extra sleep.

Friday was the dreaded weekly planning haha! After planning we went to the McBride's and painted her house and planted blueberry bushes. I raked leaves...never moving to a place that has fall, no matter how pretty it is haha! That was our day!

Saturday we tried some less actives and potentials but no one was home. Then the Elders and Brother Allread drove us around our area to show us where people lived and where was not ok for us to go...3 hours later. Our area is HUGE!!!

Sunday was a little rough. We got locked out of our apartment. mmmm. Not ok. We were 5 minutes late to church and EVERYONE seemed to notice. Oh well. Missionaries are people too. After church we met with Claire and she is the sweetest thing. We saw Sister Smego too and then went to our dinner appointment. We had fajitas...sorta. Pennsylvania fajitas...haha! We tried some less actives in the area afterwards and decided to visit our neighbors after that. The Watt's are an older couple who wave at us as we leave. We introduced ourselves and they talked about their lives. They shared some CRAZY stories with us. It was a great way to end the night. Except, they wanted us to meet a family friend's sons...to teach??? no. To date. I think I'm still on the "Un-dateable" list for another year! Thanks though!! d:

Life is pretty crazy around here. Still getting settled in! But what's been fantastic is studying the Atonement. I was thinking this morning about it and about my Savior and His sacrifice. He took on my sins, sure, everyone knows that. But the fact that He went above and beyond that. He took on my infirmities, my heartaches, my sorrows. Everything. Just so that He could understand what I am going through! Isn't it wonderful to know that you are literally NEVER alone in the things you face. Jesus Christ lives and knows us perfectly. He stands by us so that WE can make it back. The Atonement is real. Apply this gift!!

Here is to another week!! Love ya!

Sister Crockett

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