Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Thin Arizona Blood

Well Happy TURKEY day ya'll!!! (:

What a crazy week this has been! Unfortunately, not too much to report on but I will still give you the run down!!

We helped unpack a lady's kitchen with the Relief Society President! She is so sweet! We talked about traditions which turned to Christmas (obviously!) and she watches Claymation Christmas every year!! No one else knows what this is haha! We joked about the camel song and the carol of the bells and so on haha! It was funny. In the evening we went to a Genealogical Society meeting. Why? Because our ward mission leader wanted us to "flash our tags but don't proselyte!" Basically to him, we are Sister Missionary Dolls who are good for placing and not much else. haha! It's alright. We work hard despite this.

We did visit Char again this week and she is doing stellar! We talked about prophets and how vital they are to give us a check point, especially with General Conference. I mean how many people can honestly say, "Yeah, I listen to God every 6 months because that is when His mouthpiece talks to us. It helps me know how close I am to the Iron Rod. No big." Well, it certainly IS a big deal. I am afraid I really take General Conference for granted. We are so privileged to have a prophet who guides us and allows us to check ourselves with God if we prepare right and listen closely to the messages that are given.

We had to do some tracting and it was so cold. I tried to maintain a good attitude throughout the entire thing. Our zone leaders had explained this interesting concept to us. They call it "The Mango Theory". Basically, you talk about a mango like someone has never tried it before. You tell them how sweet and delicious it is and how much you want them to taste it and try it and all for free. Now flip it. The mango is now the Book of Mormon. You are presenting them with something they have never read before and it is the best thing they could ever do with their lives. You tell them how sweet and delicious it is and how much you want them to taste it and try it and all for free. So I tried this at a lady's door. At first when we pulled out the Book of Mormon she was not interested. I started talking about it as if it was the best thing she would ever read. She said "well, I do like to read. Sure. I'll give it a shot." BAM!! And it happened. Twice! (: the other lady was a Presbyterian who taught at a Catholic school. Who now has her own copy of the Book of Mormon! (:

Saturday was FREEZING. But we played Ultimate Frisbee anyway! It was cool because there were more nonmembers than members. It was all fine and dandy until Brother Green got me in the face with a frisbee d: It was so cold and I was so numb I didn't even feel it for a good 5 minutes. No damage and now the nonmembers think I am a champ haha! We did visit Barb and had a good discussion on the 11th article of faith. It was super good and her sons even participated...sorta. Haha! Boys...

It has been really cold here the last few days. I guess Fall is finished! Here comes the cold and wet winter. I am not going to lie, I miss the AZ winter already!! haha! No snow, but that is ALRIGHT with me!! Only got live through one season of members mocking my Mesa blood haha!

This week has been one of trial for me. A lot of things happened that I didn't expect. I got down on my knees at the end of every day pleading with Heavenly Father for some sort of answer. And I did get them in the most unusual way. I struggled trying to fight to get my way and Heavenly Father patiently waited for me to stop fighting Him and let the answer be what He intended it to be. I was feeling particularly alone this week and a sister in my district, Sister Morphy, asked me very point blankly " How are you doing Sister Crockett?" At that moment, The Spirit testified to me again that God hears and answers our prayers and usually through other people. Never give up on Him. He has a much better view than we do!

I love you so much!! You are such good examples to me!! Carry on and be strong!!


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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