Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good Feelings

Well hey there!! Another week has come and gone and I can hardly believe it!! Pretty crazy!! It ended with a bang and I can't WAIT to tell you ALL about it!

Tuesday we went to visit Sue and chatted with her. Her mom wasn't doing well and so we tried to distract her by reading the Relief Sociey/ Priesthood lesson, The Witnesses of the Book of Mormon and we had a pretty good discussion. We went to Dena and Marcus' and Dena was surprised when we showed up because she told us that they weren't married and she thought that made us hate them. Ummm no. Sad? yes, but we'll change that! (: They were really happy to see us! We hope to invite them to take the lessons this next week! No one was really home or interested as we tried a whole slew of potentials. We had dinner and went to Tim and Tanja's for a lesson. They taught US baptism and confirmation and rocked it! We were some tough investigators haha!

Wednesday we went to Sister Braddy's house. She isn't progressing and she is a return missionary. It's really discouraging because I know that she can reach the potential that we see in her! I just hope that she can see it. We went back to Tanja's after that and talked with her. She is trying so hard to quit smoking so she can be ready for the temple later this year! Any prayers you can offer in her behalf would be awesome! We went to lunch with some members and the Elders. It was pretty good and we had some much needed fun. We ended up seeing Brittany's mom, Vi and Sister J Hoffman later that afternoon. We tried to share to messages with them, some were more successful than others. We tried to hold Book of Mormon class but that didn't happen. So we helped some people with family history.

Thursday was pretty good. We went to Sue's to comfort her because we found out that Sue's mom had passed away on Wednesday. We talked with her and then went to Jackie's. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she is understanding more and more! It's wonderful! We finished Marissa's recent convert lessons so that was pretty awesome!

Friday was Zone Training. We had to practice for Elder Holland's thing on Thursday! We are singing "Behold! A Royal Army!" We tried to start Weekly Planning and but had to go to dinner at Bishop's house. We had a really good time. And that led us to the end of the day!

Saturday we went to Sue's mom's funeral. She was Methodist but their chapel was occupied and so they did it at our church. It was led by their pastor and we watched a Mormon message, Because of Him.

It was really neat and very sweet. We helped with the luncheon the best we could. We came home and finished weekly planning. We had a lesson with Sister Latkanich. She is the funniest old lady ever. She basically insults us without realizing it and it is SO funny!!

Sunday was AWESOME!!!! Like THE best!! We went to church and Sue's husband, Bud, came to church!!!!!!! WHAT!?! It was their anniversary and that's what she asked for! All of our faces dropped when he walked in. And Elder Sheffer is getting transferred so it was kinda his party. We peaced out, had lunch, then went to the OTHER Hoffman's. Haley, the daughter has been working with her boyfriend and he finally said that he wanted to take the lessons. Tanner said that just having us there he could feel "something." Ummm that's the Spirit. (: Sis Rock and I were so in tune with the Spirit so it turned out to be a fabulous lesson! He accepted the invitation to be baptized!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!! We finished talking with the Hoffman's after Tanner left then went to Sherrie's house, our other investigator! We talked with her boyfriend, Jim. He was kinda interested in what we had to say so that was pretty exciting! We finished lesson one and asked her to be baptized and she said YES!!! 2 investigators want to be baptized!!!!! I can hardly believe it!! It's amazing!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

This week has been amazing! I am so grateful for the work we were able to accomplish this week! I really feel like an instrument in the Lord's hands and I am so grateful for that!! (:

I hope you all have an amazing week! I know I will!!! (;

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