Monday, May 5, 2014

What Can YOU Do?

Hey everyone!! May the 4th be with you?? I know I know...a day late! But it's still hilarious!! (: I hope you all had a good week because we did here!! It started off rough with both Sister Rock and I not feeling good but still feeling well enough to work. Basically, the worst. haha!

Tuesday we went to Sue's and got into some deep doctrinal discussions. Basically the Church is SO true. Sue wanted to try and share the gospel with some of her neighbors so we walked around her neighborhood and talked to who we could. We tried to visit people after lunch but no one was home. Finally it was dinner time and we made it to the Mon Valley Cloggers rehearsal. Turns out that Sister Rock is a boss at clogging and tore it up. I was so proud of her!!

Wednesday was exciting...NOT. We were doing studies and I noticed a fly and I asked how on earth it got into our apartment. Then Sister Rock saw another one and I noticed another. I asked where the heck they came from and then I saw it. A HUGE swarm by our window sill! We started freaking out and cleared our stuff and ran to the Martins (our neighbors). They weren't home so we went back and called the mission office. We called the landlord and apparently we have termites....really flippin bad!! Who said PA wasn't a foreign mission??

After that adventure, we went to the Senior Center and did some service. We tried contacting a referral and then tried our investigator, Sherrie. No one was home and we had a member with us so that was pretty awkward. As we were heading to do some work in Charleroi, we got a call from Tanja who needed help moving her sister in law. So we went there in our skirts and moved some boxes. It was great!! haha! We then went to dinner then the Book of Mormon class. No one showed up so we went to do family history. A lady from the Senior Center showed up with boxes and carts FULL of family history. It was blowing all of the family history consultants away. Debra was organized and has a lot to add to the Church's records! It's going to be wonderful! And of course it was pouring as usual! So we helped her get her stuff to her car quicker. She is going to come every Wednesday now!! It's wonderful!

Thursday we had district meeting and drove the Uniontown Elders. We did a "role party" (cooler name to get us pumped for role plays). Elder Jenkins and Elder Klima were supposed to rely on the Spirit and teach the Plan of Salvation. Elder Packard was an investigator named Bob and was crazy!! Everything the Elders taught Bob was wrong. Bob laid in to them. He said that he was tired of his family and all of the trials he had (then proceeded to complain about them all) then when the Elders talked about being equally yoked with Christ, Bob said he left all of his burdens at the feet of God. It was so funny because there were some very "special" things that were said to get into the role play. haha! But that's basically how everything goes here. There is no solution to complaining. haha!

On the way home from district meeting, our GPS tried to get us lost...and it succeeded. We wandered around for FOREVER then finally got back to drop off the Elders. We then booked to Jackie's house. She is a less active member and we recently started visiting her. She has been coming to sacrament meeting and we are trying to help her understand more of the doctrine. Then we contacted a referral and the grandma answered and said that the family attends a "Charismatic Pentecostal Church" so they weren't interested. Lost to the rock band again. When the family moves out, we'll probably go and try again.

We taught Marissa the "Big 3" after that; the law of chastity, the law of tithing and the word of wisdom. Luckily, she is good so we didn't worry about it too much haha! On the way to our next lesson, we turned left down a street and everyone started honking at us. Then we way street. We had to turn around and it was the most awkward thing of my life haha! Plus pretty scary, but it's all good. No one was injured...maybe Sister Rock's pride, but other than that, we are good.

We had a very good discussion with Vi about the Savior by sharing 2 Nephi 25:23 and 26. She made a really good comment about how when she sits outside and she lefts her mind wander then something just takes over. That really got me thinking about that. When we meditate and allow our spirits to over power our natural man, that's when Heavenly Father extends revelation. Pretty amazing.

We went to dinner then talked to Tanja about the Sabbath day. Pretty good lesson.

Friday was weekly planning and we accomplished it! Then we went to Dena's old house and packed her kitchen up so they could move by Saturday. Then we went to the Johnson's for dinner and played the Flour game. SO stressful. haha! I'll explain it some other time but when it was Elders vs Sisters, Sisters won!! just saying haha! We saw Gina and Mark and again, they fed us dessert. Silly people haha! But they really are sweet. We had a decent lesson.

Saturday was really busy, but it was good. We cleaned Dena and Marcus' new house so they could move in. We had a member help us. Then we had correlation and rushed back to meet the moving truck. Bishop Paul, Brother Wood (our ward mission leader), Brother Houser, and the Elders all showed up to help. It was SO awesome!! They were so grateful and happy to be moved in so fast!
We went to dinner and then to Brittany's and talked about Joseph Smith history and all was well! We saw Tanja again and got her a ride to church.

Sunday was pretty good. The whole testimony meeting was on missionary work and it was FANTASTIC. Loved it a lot. We studied at the church and then went to dinner. Everything tastes better on fast Sunday haha! But it was nice. Then we tried to see Sister Fitch but she didn't seem to be home. So we started to drive away, and we saw her walking. We stopped and walked with her. She had a really hard day so she was really glad we stopped by. She is so sweet.

So I have a little challenge for you!! Our fast and testimony meeting was all on how simple it is to share the gospel!! So, see what you can do to share the gospel this week. Make brownies for a neighbor, tell someone about your weekend, just try and bring it up because you are helping their perception about the members of the Church become a positive one. By small and simple means are great things brought to pass!! Have a wonderful week!!

All my love,
Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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