Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Am I Going or Staying? First Transfers.

So this week. Transfer calls came...but that's later (; haha!

We spent a LOT of time in the mission office, so not much to report, but I'll do my best.

Tuesday, I spent the day sorting and filing and yeah. That was my life haha! After the mission office, we tried to visit a less active named Merrilyn who said she didn't want anything to do with the church, even though she still says "serving a mission was the best thing I ever did". We prepared a heck of a lesson for her and not gonna lie, I was terrified to give it haha! Luckily, Heavenly Father knew and we just talked with her while she walked her dog before she had an appointment she had to go to. We met with Mark and Heather again. Heather knows a lot more than she thinks and I'm excited to see where she goes! It would be amazing if they could be sealed in the temple some day!! (:

Wednesday was my 3 months!! Who knew?!? We had zone training. whoo. I dunno, the zone leaders have a lot of pressure on them, and our zone is huge! (Which is why they just split it). We do better in smaller groups for learning. We had lunch after-wards with some missionaries. Pretty sweet haha! We did our studies then went to dinner with the Haners and the Olsens. We held our tiny little Book of Mormon discussion group. Yup. Then headed home when less-actives ignored us haha!

Sister M. & I at Chipotle
 Thursday, we met with Sister Shoup, a less active, and read "Lord, I Believe" with her. Love that talk so much! We saw another less active, Cassie, and she is as sweet as can be. Her aunt still won't let her come to church so she is going all 007 on the situation. She wants the gospel so bad and would be doing all she could if she was allowed. She is a huge example to me.

We went to the office after that and again, I filed and sorted mail and stuff. The office staff (well...mostly Elder Warnock) tried to hold my package from Juli hostage. Silly! haha! Sister Montgomery was working on the map of the mission and was given the transfer scenario. It was still early, but I wasn't too keen on the idea that President had in mind haha! We had dinner at the Christensen's again and the Elders didn't harass us for once! They tried to make amends, which was a good way to start a new transfer I think.

Elder & Sister Warnock and us. They are leaving in August ): He is the Fleet coordinator and she is the secretary.
 Friday was another Mission Office day. We tried to visit some less actives....they ignored us. awesome. On the way back to our apartment, a rabbit jumped out in front of the car and we both screamed as I slammed on the breaks haha! Flippin' wild life is every where out here! We came home and I was a little loopy from a long and strenuous day. But we ended on a good note.

Saturday. RAINSTORMS ARE AWESOME!!! It rained all day while we weekly planned. It was actually ok! We found some good ways to use our white board and waited around for transfer calls. We planned an LA Blitz for Sunday! It pure genius if I do say so myself. ok ok. I know you are probably dying to know what is happening next transfer. haha! Sister Montgomery...........................
is leaving and I am staying and training 0.o yeah. I'm a little freaked out but if that is what the Lord wants! So Sister M packed while I scrubbed the apartment for Tuesday.

Faith, Makayla & Sister Crockett
Sunday we went to church and yeah. Not much to report. Our LA Blitz was moderately succesful even if we didn't teach everyone we saw. It was a good night I think haha! Sister Montgomery wanted to say good bye to Dr. and Sister Goodwin (the couple I stayed with the 1st night I was in PA ironically enough). They are in our ward and have been helping Sister M stay here. Sister Goodwin made us pillowcases and bookmarks to remember her by. She is so sweet haha! (:

So that was my week. I wrote a letter last night and just have to send it (and we printed pictures so I'll send those home too!!) so yeah! I love you lots! Until next time with my brand new companion!

Sister Crockett

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