Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going Buggy

Hey...It's me. This week has been a little bit like a roller coaster. OH YEAH! I left my camera at home, so next week I'll get the pictures sent to you. Sorry!! (: So my week.

Ok this is going to be a little unconventional. My week was good. We worked with Less-Actives mostly and that is what our weeks consist of these days. I am in a goofy mood so this is some of the interesting experiences we had over the week. (:

Wednesday we had our Book of Mormon discussion group we always hold. But nobody showed up. Our ward has a cute little referral box and I decided to check it. There usually isn't anything in it, but this time there was. We got a little excited because we though this was the big break we had been waiting for. Wrong. Elders think they are SOOOO funny. It was a fake referral. To McDonalds. -__- Awesome. Sister M and I decided not to retaliate. But we would get them back, well, they got themselves back.

4th of July. PA loves its holidays apparently. There was a race and a parade and house judging contests, the whole 9 yards. So we were supposed to be in at 6 pm that night, for our own safety. So Sister M worked on her "Elder" impersonations after we scrubbed our whole apartment. But before all that, we went to district meeting. I did ask for a blessing and the Elders were super nice about it; (yes Mom I am doing fine, don't worry (: ) We went to lunch as we normally do with everyone after district meeting but things close down here for 4th of July I guess. We pulled up Chipotle, which, as I said was closed. We called the Elders (who drive like grandmas) to let them know we couldn't eat there. When we delivered the news we hear through the phone " NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I guess they were a little upset about it. We ended up eating at some random place, much to the dismay of the Elders. Really. They are goobers haha!

Friday is weekly planning and always brings the worst out of us. Sister M ended up singing at the top of her lungs, you couldn't really distinguish what they were most the time. haha! Sometimes it is a good reminder that we are still human and aren't expected to be perfect RIGHT now.

Sunday had some good moments. After Sunday School we all walked past the referral box. I casually suggested checking the box and Elder Palmer raced for the box. He shook it with a smile on his face that quickly turned to shock when he realized it was empty. Sister M and I kept straight faces, muttered some disappointed words and kept on walking. They were a little confused, and we will leave them that way.

We all went to the Primary room to help out and share why we were on missions. One of the little girls (like 5) kept pointing to one of the Elders and sing-songing "Elder Handsome, Elder Handsome..." we were all practically falling out of the baby chairs. The Elders couldn't keep straight faces. Her teacher tried to get her to stop but she just looked confused and said "Well he is! And he is an Elder..." makes...sense...I think?? haha!

We luckily had an appointment with the Campbell's for dinner. On the way there, there was a random bug in the car. He apparently liked Sister M a lot. It flew down her shirt and she promptly jumped out of the car yelling, "You little freak!" untucked her shirt and danced around a little bit. I was gonna cry I was laughing so hard. She was itchy the rest of the night. The Campbell's are sweet people. They fed us so much let's just say I woke up still full. It was good, just too much food. Dr. Campbell is a riot and a half. He reminds me a lot of someone but I just can't put my finger on it. So yeah.

This was what I wanted to write about because we had a good week, but some things happened that really dampened our spirits. When it is less touchy, I'll write about it. Promise. Don't worry, we are still smiling, still people, still missionaries. We love the work and look forward to the coming weeks!! (:


Sister Crockett

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