Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The title of this email should be “Boys Are Dumb,” but instead it will be “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!” (yesterday....) (: I'm glad you got my card! Sorry, they are so lame, I'm not very good at picking out cards apparently. I'm glad you had an enjoyable time on your birthday!!

Funny you should mention cinnamon rolls, because I have been craving them something fierce. Which is super strange cuz I don't even like cinnamon rolls that much. I dunno, maybe it is the home cooking I miss most /: LOVE YOU!!

 Any way, my *sigh* week.

Tuesday was super taxing on us because of last P-day. I'll sum that up: elders are TERRIBLE at communicating, so we spent a lot of the time putting out the fires. And Sister M and I just called it quits with coordinating with them, painted our nails, ate some chocolate and got sick. Yup. In that order. So Tuesday we were recovering. We didn't have much success with anything and finished out the day with dinner at the Garvins' and thinking of ways to play nice with the others in our district.

Wednesday it was pouring ALL day long. It was kinda scary, so in between breaks of the storm we would go out and try and visit people. Dania was first on our list, but she wasn't feeling good and asked us to come back later (the pictures I send are of us coming home after that). We finally were able to meet with Dania and her girls, Jaeda and Jasmine. We invited them to be baptized, but there are some things we gotta help them learn before they will want to accept. But they did take a packet of pass along cards (there are 100 in a pack) and were passing them around to everyone as we were leaving. They are so cute. haha! We also met with Sister Shoup and encouraged her to come to church. She seemed hesitant as usual but optimistic. Later that night we tried to hold our usual BOM discussion group but when some members told us there were tornado warnings, we decided it would be a good idea to head home.

Thursday…uhhh…yeah. This was a BAAAD day for us. I'll explain (and this is why boys are dumb). Last Sunday night we challenged one of the sets of Elders to do 500 jump ropes in a row and if they could, we would make them cookies. Well, much to our amazement, Elder Belk did it. So we got up, studied, and make some cookies (like 18 with dough left over for another 2-3 dozen). We thought we were running late because of the cookies and after hurrying over to Greentree Chapel, we realized we were the 1st ones there. It was 10:30 which is when District Meeting is supposed to start. We waited half an hour and no one showed up.

We texted to see if we were still holding District meeting. Sure thing. We were. BUT the AP's were gone and so Dormont (one set of Elders) had to wait for Bethel Park (the Elders in our ward) to come and get them because Dormont is a walking area. They FINALLY showed up an hour later and Sister Montgomery was MAD. I was too, but we have learned 2 people mad at the same time about the same thing is too much. So I gotta play mediator. But let's put it this way: I was afraid to talk to her and I didn't even do anything. (; haha! The Elders spent the whole meeting on pins and needles (as in Elder Nelson asked us to quote the scripture we were supposed to memorize and the conversation went like this:

Did you memorize 2 Nephi 31:4-7?


Will you, uh, recite it?


Oh. Umm ok. So for District we are....)

After a SUPER(!!!) awkward lunch, we went and helped Sister Garvin make some hair bows. She is a doll and reminds me a lot of Suzanne (: like her personality and such. It's fun to be with them. Later that day we visited with the Smiths' a family in the ward. It was nice haha.

Friday was weekly planning. And we did that. ALL. DAY. LONG. It was miserable.

Saturday was a strange day for us. We worked on some mission stuff for a few hours then helped out at Dormont's baptism. They had to baptize her 3 times, poor thing. haha! What a way to start out in a new church and life haha! But it was nice. We then went to another dinner appointment (of the girl who called one of the Bethel Park Elders, “Elder Handsome”). It was fun, but dinner appointments are sometimes awkward, especially when we are tired. Next week I'll have some points on what sister missionaries wish members knew (; that'll be a good thing haha!

Sunday was lovely. Except Dania said she didn't want to be a part of the church anymore. Again. Just another thing we get to work on. Oh the joys of missionary work. Think of the scripture Alma 28:8. It lists the 3 things of missionary work: their sufferings in the land, their sorrows, and their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy. Basically sums it up. (:

Well, that is life right now!! Can't wait to hear from you soon.


Sister Crockett

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