Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Missions are Hard: Tips for the Members

Man oh man. Week 6 here in Pennsylvania!! Transfers are coming up, so if you want to send mail to my Brownsville Rd address...this week is the week to do it cuz we aren't really sure what will happen. We find out this Saturday, I'll let you know in a week what's going down, but if I move, it'll be a while before I can let you know where I am d: sorry!!

I did get the package. FRIDAY actually (: I'm pretty sure it felt like Christmas. The bag of Twizzlers may or may not be hidden right now...Sister Montgomery is too good at hiding. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I've been pouring over my Reflections of Christ book. Thank you so much for sending that! I can't stop looking at it and Sister Montgomery has flipped through it a lot too. It's amazing how when you look at a picture of Christ, you can just feel how much it is or isn't like Him. It gives me hope that I am coming to know Him better and better every day!

So this week has been a tad bit…crazy. Like not normal crazy. You'll see.

Tuesday, Sister Montgomery asked a very personal question when I was not in the best of moods. "Why are you even here then??" I stared down at the Book of Mormon that I was holding in my hands and tried to avoid her question. "What is even keeping you here? You don't have to be here." I started flipping through the Book and "happened" to stop on to Mosiah 28:3. After reading that, I flipped again to Alma 28:8. And finally I turned to 3 Nephi 11:14. In the back of my Book of Mormon that I was using, was a picture of Davey and his family. I hadn't put it in there, it had been sitting on my desk only a few days earlier. After looking at the picture and re-reading the scriptures Heavenly Father gave me, I didn't answer at first (actually until we were in the car) but when I did, I read the scriptures and held up the picture. People have more influence on us than they may believe.

We visited a sweet lady, Sister Gray, and got 4 referrals!!! They were all out of our area, so we don't get to teach them but it is all God's work, so we are ok with that. We worked on the area book some after that, which was good because a nasty thunderstorm rolled in and we had to wait to leave. We had dinner at the Christensen's again and then met with a part member family. Mark is a member and his wife, Heather, isn't. She agreed to let us teach her so we have a new investigator!!

Wednesday, we tracted.  -__-. It doesn't work. Sister Montgomery was DRENCHED by the time we finished half a street because it was so humid. She got mad cuz apparently I don't sweat?? She says I "glisten". Uh huh. Monday would disagree after Sister Moore and I played basketball for a couple hours with the Elders. NAAASTY. haha!

We finished out the day with our Book of Mormon discussion group. Still only working with 3 members, so we got to work on getting that up.

Thursday, we moved some books for a lady named Iris. We walked (that's what happens when you run low on miles!!) to the Exler's house. (We helped them move a couple weeks ago). We had dinner with the Mills. And after our appointments canceling on us, we came back and planned for the next day.

Friday. Ha. We had interviews with President Topham. He hinted at me training (and still being in the same area but we'll see) next transfer and I told him I would but I'm terrified. During interviews we had the last district meeting with our district and so of course we made our weekly lunch appointment at Chipotle. Somethings happened afterwards that I am not too proud of (just emotionally stressed) and Sister Montgomery is super protective. It was a crazy day haha! I love her so much more now haha! That day was made even better when I got the stellar package!! :D We finished out the day weekly planning. Man, what a beast that is every week.

Saturday was kind of....bad. I'll be honest. It was just terrible. We tried tracting (we have to fill our time somehow!) and Sister Montgomery got frustrated. She wasn't feeling good, but kept pushing herself, maybe too hard. We came in to freshen up before we went back out and she left the room. She came back 10 or so minutes later and asked for some help with something. We talked about some things and she started to break down. I noticed her binder with all her letters in it from her friends and family. I pointed out a quote to her and she noticed the one next to it that said, "Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you." She left again and when she came back, she sat across the room from me. She looked me right in the eyes and said,"I think...it's time I start a new adventure." Missions are hard.

Sunday. Missions make you appreciate the sacrament so much more. After Sister Montgomery deciding that she needed to go home, taking the sacrament and starting over was a huge blessing. I
can't even describe it.

Now, this morning....we get a call from President Topham. He asks Sister Montgomery to call her parents. The next thing I know is she has decided to stay one more transfer, to fight it out. I don't know what she is thinking. She is so strong and dedicated; it's been a huge motivator to me. No matter what happens, I'm determined to work hard for the rest of my mission. I have been so blessed to have her as a companion.

Remember how I said I would comprise a list of things members need to know??? I've got it!! Here ya go!

Things Missionaries Wish Members Knew:

1) ALWAYS give referrals (even if the person won't accept the gospel, at least it is a lead.) and offer your home for them to teach in.

2) If you offer dessert after feeding them, pack it up so they can take it with them. That way they can eat it if they want to, but they don't feel obligated! (Trust me. Abide by this one PLEASE!!)

3) Make high protein meals--no pasta!!

4) Offer, in place of meals if you don't have time to have them over, to buy them groceries they can't get themselves.

5) Sisters are missionaries too! Refer to them as such. (We frequently get, "Oh the missionaries, Elders, blah blah blah, how are you girls doing?" it's as if we aren't REAL missionaries. But we are!! haha!)

6) Hydrate them for the rest of their lives! Leave a couple of pitchers of COOL water on the table so they can refill their cups.

7) Take up their offers of service!!!! (Even if it is, "Yeah could you take the trash out?" or "Yeah tomorrow I'm washing my car could you come help?" we like wearing pants!! haha!)

8) Missionaries are friends! Not gospel robots. (We miss our families, we struggle, we feel alone. Ask them how they are doing at church. Send a quick text–not a whole conversation–just to see if they need anything. After giving all day, sometimes it is nice to know someone is thinking about you.)

9) "You get 'em here, we'll love 'em!" is not an acceptable philosophy among members. Don't fly. Members are the BEST way to find people to teach.
And finally:

10) Don't ever, ever, EVER ask, "How's the work going?" -__- (we've started being honest with people "It's slow and we aren't teaching anybody right now. You haven't given us any one to teach.)…ok that last part is in our heads, but you get the idea.

I hope these are helpful!! I love you all a lot!! Talk to you next week! (:


Sister Crockett

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