Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Focusing on the Positives

Hola dear familia!! Start of a new transfer and lemme tell you. It was a GREAT way to start it off! (:

Tuesday was transfer day so Monday we had to say goodbye to our Elders. Elder Davidson went home on Wednesday and Elder Thomas got transferred to Sommerset. We went to Faith's with Sister Christensen (the Relief Society president) and Bishop Haroldsen. Faith's friend Agnes told us that she had been reading the Lorenzo Snow book. For fun. Who does that?? haha! She is happy being Catholic, but she likes what we teach...it's only a matter of time! (: We taught about faith in Jesus Christ and priesthood blessings because Faith wanted one for herself and also for Makayla, her 9 month old daughter. So we got to meet the new Elders when they came to give Faith and Makayla a blessing. There is Elder Coke (our new District Leader) and he's been out 9 months, and Elder Whipple has been out 3. After the blessing we went to Mark and Heather's for dinner and a lesson. We tried to commit Heather to baptism....she said she'd think about it. Oh dear. They also promised to come to church....but it was a good lesson. We talked about the Restoration and Heather was talking about getting sealed as a family. Hopefully we can help her get there!!!!!

Sister Stocking making cookies.
Wednesday, we dropped off some banana bread to Sister Machan, thanking her for all the meals she gives us. And she gave us some homemade chicken noodle soup. haha! She is so funny. We took out her trash to thank her; hey service is service! (; Then we went to Sister Garvin's to see how she was doing and we ended us talking to her for a long time. She kept saying how much she loved having us over. We have some AWESOME ward members here. I just love them. We went to Book of Mormon class after dinner and tried to keep it gospel focused...some people get a little distracted ha.

Thursday was District Meeting. It was different. Nothing bad, just different. We are just trying to get used to a new district again. We keep changing so much! But I guess that is for the best. Then after lunch with the district, we went and taught Sister Lisica's neighbor Lillian who is 93 years old. Probably wouldn't have guessed that. She is super spry for 93 haha! We taught the Plan of Salvation and Sister Stocking did an awesome job illustrating that this is a Plan of Happiness, and not a plan of "you get to stay with your family and you don't." It was a pretty good lesson and we ALMOST got a return appointment but Lillian was super busy for the next two weeks appa rently. haha! We had dinner with the Winsor's and they had a tree fall down in their back yard on Monday. We offered to come on Wednesday and help remove it along with the Elders. They were glad for some help. And we were glad to have some service!

Friday was weekly planning. Blah. After weekly planning, we talked with Sister Newsome. Yeah. Friday was rough haha!

Saturday we hacked up a fallen tree, and none other than Brother Mancuso was there!! We have been trying to see them for over 3 months and then voila! He is there!! He came because Brother Olsen was helping out the Winsor's too and knew they were looking for a chainsaw. (FOREVER ago, we watched Brother Mancuso open up his brand new chainsaw and show Frankie (his son) what REAL toys were). So we talked to him a little bit while breaking down a HUGE tree. It was a lot of fun! As he was leaving, Brother Mancuso said that they were coming to church on Sunday and I stopped dead in my tracks. WHAAAAAT!?!?!?! I couldn't stop smiling. I was so happy!! After all these prayers and  trying to meet with the Mancuso's, THEY decide to come to church. Heavenly Father answers prayers when we act in faith and keep trying our hardest. He makes weak things become strong. He makes miracles happen when we trust Him with all of our heart and will.

Some goofy pictures of us.
Sunday, the Mancuso's came. :D BEST. DAY. EVER. I talked to Mandee a little bit and Sister Kimber. It was so good to hear from her!! They stayed the entire block too! The Elders and Brother Olsen cornered Brian and talked with him during Gospel Principles. Mark and Heather didn't come, which was extremely sad, but we don't believe in giving up around here! haha! After Church we tried to see a potential investigator named Madeline, but she is NEVER home /: So we went to dinner at the Kimbers and it was awesome!!

 I can't help but notice the tender mercies that the Lord has given me to help me make it through the difficult trials. The wonderful Ensign article by Elder Holland, studying grace for Zone Conference, being able to meet with our investigator finally and ALMOST committing her to be baptized (so close!), serving some ward members and making contact with a Less Active member we have been trying to meet with for 3 months, and then them coming to church!! Overall, it has been a GREAT week. When I have been focusing on the positives, everything feels better. It doesn't necessarily go according to plan, but I feel better prepared to handle the situations that do arise.

Love you all!! Here is to another week full of potential!!!

Love Sister Crockett

Keep Smilin'

Dude, I'm in Pittsburgh! :D

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