Friday, September 27, 2013

I am an Investment!

Hola Familia!!

Another COLD day in Pennsylvania for ya! It's been a crazy week and so wonderful all at the same time!! We unfortunately didn't get to much teaching because Sister Stocking caught a super nasty cold with the change of the weather! But we did do awesome work when she was feeling up to it. (: So here is how this week went!

Tuesday, we got up at 6 so that we could pick up some sisters and make it to Zone Conference by 8:30. Pittsburgh traffic is CRAZY!! Zone Conference was from 9-3:30 and was super good! We talked about grace and mercy. We prepared for it by reading "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox and "In the Strength of the Lord" by Elder Bednar. It was awesome to read and think about. A part of Brother Wilcox's speech says that Christ made a huge investment in us. I had never thought as the Atonement as an investment before. As I was pondering some scriptures, I felt "You don't invest in something you know is going to fail." Now, I'm not super brilliant in investments and things like that but as far as my limited knowledge goes, this hold true. You invest in things you KNOW are going to grow and progress.

I am an investment.

I am of worth because Christ paid the cost for me.

I am not perfect but I will become so with some hard work and a lot of grace.

Isn't the gospel simply wonderful?!?

We went on exchanges after Zone. I finally left my area for once!! I went all the was to Washington d: It's about 45 minutes away. It was really cool to see what else is out there besides Pitt 2nd! I was with Sister Cohen and we talked a lot about charity and improving our relationship with Christ.

Wednesday, I was still in Washington and we taught their investigator, Mary. We even committed her to baptism! It was remarkable! It is so amazing to see how people can progress in the gospel and you can totally see a change in their countenance! The Light of Christ truly shines through everyone. We went with a member to go and visit some other Less Actives and it was a great exchange. When I got back, we saw Merrilyn and opened my package from Mom. THE JAM SURVIVED!!!! MMMMMMMM (: so yummy!! Then we went to Book Of Mormon. Pretty typical I'd say d:

Thursday was when Sister Stocking got sick. I made her rest and she slept the day away, poor thing. I woke her up and asked her if she wanted me to cancel our dinner appointment with the Machan's, but she wanted to keep it. So we went out and had a great dinner. They are an awesome family! (: We came home after that so that she could get some more rest.

Friday was weekly planning but Sister S was still feeling under the weather...we tried to see Brooke (OUR NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!) but she wasn't home d: ha. yeeeah. better luck next time. I came home to a sweet package from Gramma Asay! I feel SO loved this week!! (: you guys are awesome!!  We met with Martha and Dave (some less actives) and had a great discussion about the line of authority. The only thing keeping them from church is their crazy work schedules! /: oh well! we keep trying anyway!

Saturday, we updated our progress records and tried to keep it slow paced for Sister Stocking. We had dinner with the Caslers and found out that Sister Stocking is kinda related to them (her uncle by marriage is Sister Casler's cousin--it's a connection not a relation I suppose haha!). We went and tried to contact a referral but....uh he wasn't happy to see us. So we commented about the rain that we had all day and tried to keep it light and friendly. One good experience at a time. Then we went to the Killens. Sister Killen really wants us to work with her less active daughter, so we get to make an appointment to see her!

Sunday was your typical Sabbath day! Our ward mission leader, Brother Capizzi, was on fire. He made an awesome ward mission plan and had some great ideas! Hopefully this won't just be talk but will turn into something else!! *fingers crossed* Agnes, Faith's friend, came to church!! Our investigators won't come to church but someone we aren't teaching any more will?? ha! We were SO glad to see her AND the Mancuso's came again!! Mandee really wants us to start teaching them so they can get back in the swing of things! Gladly!! So it was pretty awesome! I am hoping that Sister Stocking will get to feeling better this week so we can have another splendid week!!

No matter how rocky things are, being built on the foundation of the Savior is the only thing that will keep us grounded. I read Matthew 7:24-27 this week and I couldn't help but notice that either way, the rain is coming, the floods will rage and the house will take a beating. The only difference is that the foundation of one is stronger than the other. Have hope for the future. "All things will work together for your good."

I love you all!! Thanks so much for all you do!! I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for your examples to me!!


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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