Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joyful, Rainy Days

Can you believe it's September already?!? My oh my how time has flown! We are definitely looking forward to the fall weather out here! The leaves are starting to change and it is simply gorgeous! Plus a huge rainstorm yesterday helped!

Rainy Day Yesterday
 This week hasn't been super great for us. But here it is.....

Tuesday, we just tried to find some people we hadn't met with yet/in a while. A sweet old lady named Mareta was so happy to see us. She has been working Sundays and misses the gospel in her life so she asked us to come back on Saturday. Jennifer was the complete opposite. She was not too thrilled to see us and when we asked if we could practice teaching, she quickly declined and said she wasn't interested. Agency is such an interesting thing when it comes down to it.

Wednesday we were out trying to find less-actives again. No one was home (or if they were, they didn't answer the door). We had dinner with the Bishop and his wife and he didn't know who would be good for us to visit, so we are just gonna try everyone. We had our Book of Mormon class. It went pretty well and we got another member to come and she is trying to bring her non-member friend this week! (:

Thursday, I got sick. We went to District Meeting and I was fighting a headache all through it. When we came home, I talked to Sister Topham and she said I should just sleep so that I can get better. So I did and when I woke up, it was time to go see the Relief Society President.  So we went and met with her and then had dinner.

Friday, we had a bomb weekly planning session! It took all day, but we made some GREAT plans for this week. We tried to contact some potential investigators but the Pirates game was on apparently and no one answers the door when their sports games are on. Mareta called and cancelled our appointment for Saturday because she had to work.

Saturday, we played softball with our ward in a stake softball tournament. It was a lot of fun (even if I did terribly). That took basically all day by the time we got cleaned up. Then we went to Sister Katchmark's for dinner and she made her fabulous lasagna for us! It was so good. Elder Palmer asked Elder Davidson to serve him seconds...so he did. TWO of the largest pieces of lasagna ended up on his plate. It is a good thing fast Sunday was the next day...haha!

Us being goofy.
Sunday, there was a girl named Hanna visiting from Kentucky and we were the first people she saw when she walked into the building and she asked if she could sit with us. We agreed but the whole ward thought we got a 3rd companion and so we had to explain to everyone. After Church we had a SUPER awesome lesson with Sister Shoup. Sister Kimber came with us and was totally perfect for her. They related to each other really well and it was so neat to see how important members are in lessons. Sister Shoup teared up the whole lesson saying that she was grateful someone else was feeling and dealing with the same things she was–that she wasn't alone.

Monday was Labor Day (as you well know) and so we couldn't email. We went to the ward picnic and helped set up the primary activity. Then we went clothes shopping and played football with the Elders. There was a HUGE rainstorm that started to blow in when we got home and cleaned up. We went to see Dave and Martha (some less actives we finally saw last week) and get their phone numbers and set up an appointment with them. As soon as Martha shut the door, and we started to walk away we heard her shout "YAY!!" :D Incomprehensible joy right there.

And it only got better:

There is a lady in our building named Madeline and she had started to learn a little bit about the church when she moved. We kept running into her on our way to our apartment. Sister Stocking suggested that we try and visit her after we tried to see some other less actives. So we knocked on her door. No answer. We waited, knocked again, still no answer. Then the handle rattled. Madeline opened the door and looked so happy to see us. She hadn't heard the door but her 85 year old mother did and both were thrilled we were there. We set an appointment for this Sunday to visit with her again. As the door shut behind us as we turned to leave, we heard Madeline say, "Momma, I am SO glad you heard them knocking on that door!" Oh what a wonderful day yesterday was!!! (: I am so excited for this coming week! It is going to be great!!

I love you all and hope to hear from you!!!


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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