Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patience and Humility are NOT "Doormat" Attributes

Hey there family!!

How's it going?? I'm doing well in Pittsburgh! Another transfer has ended!! (: Still kicking it in Brentwood, but I have a feeling it may be my last! 6 months in this area is a LOOOONG time! haha!

Nothing has gone according to plan this week. We had all these wonderful plans and they fell through! /: oh well! Such is life.

Tuesday, we didn't get to email last Monday with it being Labor Day and all, so Tuesday was our emailing day! We had lunch then headed to some appointments. We had dinner with Sister Scheiffer and then headed over to our meeting with Faith. She is so sweet! Makayla, her daughter hasn't been feeling well and she was wondering if there was anything we could do. Well, as sisters, probably not, but we know some swell Elders that hold the Priesthood. (: So we are gonna have the Elders give her and Makayla a blessing. Faith is wonderful, she didn't know about Priesthood blessings and when we told her about them she was so happy! These moments make it easy to serve. Then we went to a meeting with Sister Olsen because she is the Meetings Coordinator for the Relief Society. We uncovered some drama, but also some of her GREAT ideas to help us get people to come! (: It was a great day!

Wednesday, we had District Meeting because the Elders had a move on Thursday. We played Jeopardy (sisters schooled--not that that matters d: ) and then roasted some hot dogs for lunch! It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, we went to visit Sister Lisica and her mom, Sister Bugher. Sister Lisica originally planned to have us teach her neighbor, but that didn't work. So we just talked with them for a little while, then went to Book of Mormon class! Some Less Actives we found a while ago, Martha and Dave, came too! It was awesome! The Smith's came as usual and were great fellow-shippers! It was fantastic!

Thursday, we tried to see Dana but she said she was still sick, so we haven't seen her in a while. /: After lunch, we tried to see some more less actives and then tried a potential. Well, her address was wrong, but we saw her drive away, so we are gonna have to stalk the building. (: That's what we do best!! (: We made contact with a less active named Hal. We've been trying to see him for WEEKS. Turns out he turned Presbyterian when he joined the army, tried to visit the ward (when it was still a branch) in the 60's and has never been back. He goes to the church literally .5 miles away from our building. He is a pilot and is gone a lot but he was happy to see us. We are gonna try and see him next week. After that we had dinner at the Burnett's and then updated some records.

Friday, was weekly planning. Half-way through we got a call from Hal. He was taking one of his students flying and wanted to know if we wanted to tag along....ummm maybe not so much haha! In the white handbook for missionaries it specifically says no private planes. d: So we had to decline and continued the oh so wonderful planning session.

Saturday was transfer calls. Obviously we didn't get one haha! Elder Thomas did however. And Elder Davidson is going home in 2 days so the Elders in our ward are getting all shuffled around! We went and did some service at Sister Lisica's and then went to the Adult Session of Stake conference. They talked about temple work in every single talk. Oh goodness haha! I saw Sister Montgomery there so I got to talk to her for a little bit! That was super weird haha! But it was nice to see her again.

Who ever said girls can't "hold" the priesthood?! ;)

Sunday we went to Stake Conference and everything was about Missionary work! President Topham even spoke which was super cool. He said that while everyone was supposed to be catching the wave of missionary work, we were getting hit by the wave haha! There are over 250 missionaries in our mission right now. And of those, 2/3 have been out less than 8 months. Once we all finish training, it'll be fine, but it is pretty fresh around here haha! That was our week!

I've been studying patience and humility this week (advisement from our District Leader, Elder Davidson) and the conclusion I have reached is that these aren't "doormat" attributes in the sense of being patient and humble doesn't mean that you let everyone run over you. It's about hope. I can acknowledge that I am coming up short as a missionary. I am not a perfect teacher and I don't know that answer to every question, but I KNOW I have been called by a prophet of God to share the message of the Restoration and I know that that message is true. I find hope that as I am weak now, I will be made stronger in Christ. Elder Hansen (a friend from home) wrote me and said too often people take their problems to God and complain about how big they are. What God wants is for us to take Him to our problems and tell them how big He is. Patience and humility are hard attributes to have, but as we hope for a better world (Ether 12:4), all things will be made right in Christ.

I love you all! I hope you are doing well! Carry on and keep the faith!

Sister K Crockett

The flippin sweet praying mantis we found at our apartment.

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