Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Special Visitor

Soooo I don't really want to give a huge long email today (plus they are kinda boring to read.) So I'll skip to the good stuff.

We taught Faith this week and talked about the temple and family history work. She is SO excited to work towards that goal!! She really wants to go into the house of the Lord and to experience all of the blessings you can receive there! We are gonna get her some temple prep stuff to help her out.

We met with a media referral named John. Now. There is a VERY important lesson to be learned from this story. We met at a restaurant with some members, Brother and Sister B. We find out that John is recovering from an addiction and doing well. Brother B also recovered from that same addiction. PERFECT right? Wrong. We didn't get the opportunity to teach at all because Brother B taught for us. We couldn't get a word in edge wise. Brother B cut everyone off, including his wife, John, and the waitress. Although we appreciated them coming, when he turned to us and said "Would you teach the Restoration now?" We felt deeply humiliated. As missionaries, we are instructed to teach simply and concisely. Give 'em milk before meat. The lesson was extremely deep and at times theological; leaning on the wisdom of man and not of God. Doctrine is what we teach and that is all. When we left, we asked John when we could meet with him again and he said "No thanks girls. I've got him." We were extremely taken aback. We left disheartened and confused as to what had just taken place. If the missionaries ask you to help in a lesson, keep it simple, let them teach, bear your testimony. That is all there is to it.

On Friday we participated in a mission tour. It was up in Cranberry so it is about an hour drive AND we had to pick up Swissvale sisters (about 30-45 minutes away) AND be there at 7:45....AM. mmmm. I got up at 4:45 so that we could get ready, and leave by 5:45. We left 20 minutes late, forgot something, got lost, and arrived 10 minutes late. Sweeeeet. Sister Arnold (Elder Arnold is in the 70) was teaching the sisters about stress, go figure. I got to see Sister Montgomery and she was super sweet and checked in with how I was doing. Then we went in to the big meeting with Elder Arnold. It was super intense! He was telling us that as a mission, we are doing really well and have the potential to do even better. Lunch time rolled around and Elder Arnold excused the sisters first so he could address the Elders. He had them shut the door after we left. We were SUPER curious about what was being said, and we found out that he told them to Lock. Their. Hearts. I regret to say that a LOT of missionaries are having issues staying focused. We are having a whole training on it for District Meeting. It happens I guess. We came back from lunch and had another long meeting. When we got ready to leave, Elder Arnold told us to be gone in 5 minutes....uhhh ok? So we were. It took us a good solid 2 HOURS to get home with it being a Friday and rush hour. We came home, slammed some dinner and ran to Steven's house with Sister Scheiffer. It was a pretty good lesson and he came to church! So that was pretty sweet.

Sunday we had 7 Less actives at church! 7!!! I can't believe it!! It was AMAZING!!! Steven and Dana and Claire and the Mancuso's and the Killens!! It was awesome! The Lord really works miracles for you when you try and exercise your faith.

So this week was pretty crazy and P-day was super weird with Columbus Day being observed apparently. Thank you for all your love and support! I can't wait to hear from you all!

Oh and I was talking with the Assistants yesterday and they said I was getting transferred so my address will change in a week! On to a new adventure! Stay strong and Carry on!!


Sister Crockett

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