Thursday, October 10, 2013

'Twas the Week Before General Conference

Dear Family!!

Another week has come and gone in Pittsburgh!! It has been unusually warm and humid here, but Mother Nature is seeing to it that I freeze. It has been rainy ALL morning and sitting at the comfortable temperature of 52 degrees. -__- Hello FALL!!!

Tuesday, we went the Baldwin Health Center to see a less active named Ron. He had a stroke and can only say "Okay" but we like to visit him anyway. We took the Diffendafer's with us so that we could get more members involved. We shared President Monson's story from last conference about obedience and Ron started laughing. He understands a lot! Brother Diffendafer related his conversion story and it was wonderful! The Spirit was so strong as he talked about searching for the truth. After this wonderful appointment we headed over to a random street to tract. It didn't work, go figure! We then went to Faith's apartment and talked with her about General Conference and how she could watch the Relief Society broadcast. She was really excited because she had missed it. We tried to meet with Mark and Heather after dinner, but Mark forgot and was gone. We will have to reschedule that one. /:

Wednesday we cleaned a member's refrigerator out with the Elders. Well...with 5 people and one refrigerator....I held the trash bags and let the Elders do the work. Elder Palmer ended us stepping on a ketchup packet they had missed and covered the we got to clean that too haha! We went to the Fidler's for dinner. They are a new family in the ward and expecting their first baby at the end of this month! They are awesome and super nice! We went to Book of Mormon class and got into the Isaiah chapters. It went alright for the most part!

Thursday I took the time to count a few of my many blessings and blessed I am! It was great to see how much the Lord loves and cares about even the smallest things! We went to district meeting and it was the same old same old. We tried a whole bunch of people who weren't home or wouldn't answer the door.

Friday we did weekly planning and then went and visited with Agnes because she was feeling upset about things in her family. She is the sweetest thing. She said that since her family is so far away from her, we are like her family. She said that she knew she could find comfort in visiting with us. Oh the faith of these women! It is a humbling experience to meet with her! When we left, it was in an outright downpour. I ran up to get the car and was drenched from head to toe! It was AWESOME!!!!! After dinner we tried Justin, a less active that we have been trying to see for a long time, and we got a semi-return appointment!! Woohoo!! We then prepped for the Missionary Superbowl!! (;

Saturday we watched General Conference at 12 and 4! How weird is that!?! It was getting dark when we finished the last session! In between we went to lunch....yeah...Buffalo Wild Wings was NOT my idea d: We came back and finished up the last session. After Conference we went to a less active's house, Steve, who had a pretty rough background but is determined to remain faithful, despite his circumstances. He actually served his mission here! It was really neat to talk with him and to see his faith.

Sunday we finished the morning session of Conference and then went to the luncheon that they were having (mostly we went from the Relief Society room to the culture hall). We cleaned up then went to the Kimber's for the last session. We watched with them and then had dinner. They are so dedicated to the gospel. They want to have a "Mormon Night" with their neighbors so that their neighbors can understand what they believe. Not to force their neighbors to convert, but to help them understand why they do what they do! It was a great night!!

General Conference was awesome! I really loved how much they emphasized The Commandments and having God as our priority and motive! Heavenly Father is here help us, but we have to be obedient and give our whole heart, strength, and mind. I am so excited to go back and study the words of the prophets and leaders of the Church! I encourage you to do the same!!

Love you all! Hope you are doing well! Stay Strong and Carry On!



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