Saturday, October 5, 2013

You are too pretty to be Mormons!

 Hey there familia!!

How's it going?? This week wasn't SUPER fantastic but it started out pretty unbelievable!

Tuesday, we met with Faith again and Agnes wants to start learning again!! So, we picked her up as a new investigator! She wants help understanding the Book of Mormon and we are happy to oblige! The next big thing was dinner at the Katchmark's. Brother Katchmark isn't a member but he is a hoot and a half. Sister Katchmark makes lasagna you could DIE for! Oh man. It is SO good. Then we went to visit with Bailee, the 1st counselor in the YW presidency. She is so sweet and bought us pizza because she didn't know if we would be hungry. She made us take some and it was super delicious!

Wednesday was probably the strangest and BEST day of the week for us. During companionship study, Sister Stocking decides she REALLY wants Taco Bell for lunch. I figured, hey, why not? So we went and on the way out a lady holds the door for us and says "Hey sister, where are you from?" I answered and she said "It's good to see somebody wearing Jesus Christ on their lapel. Have a great day!" I was smiling so big because we usually just get blank stares. Then we went to a park after picking up some froyo (frozen yogurt). There was a guy with his two grand kids there and he waved to us. We walked up the hill to the swings and he comes over to introduce himself. Dave ends up talking to us for over an hour about the gospel and what we believe and he commends us on being so young and coming out on a mission. We answered his questions and he said he would be at the park a lot with the kiddos and told us to stop by again. Oh, don't worry. We will. (;

A caterpillar we found.
 We then tried to contact some people we hadn't met with before. As we start to go into these apartment buildings there is a girl sitting outside in a wheelchair. We said "Hi" as we walked past. The guy didn't end up being home and so we walked out again and the girl still was there. We said "goodbye" and hadn't even made it down the sidewalk when we hear "Yinz Mormons?" oh the universal question! So we talked to her for a bit and gave her a Book of Mormon, a Restoration pamphlet, and our number. As we were getting ready to leave she said "Yinz should think about changing religions. You are too pretty to be Mormons!" Well, thank you! I didn't know unattractive was a requirement to be Mormon! They didn't teach us THAT in the MTC....*awk.ward.* ANNNYWAY. We had a dinner appointment with the Bishop. I realized he reminds me a LOT of Mr. Brooks....(Band director at Mesa High School) get the idea.We went to Book of Mormon Class and the Elders decided they wanted to teach so, we didn't object. Martha and Dave came so that was AWESOME!!

Thursday was District Meeting. Just the same ol' same ol! Afterwards we saw Dana and gave her an Illustrated copy of the Book of Mormon to help her teach her kiddos! She was so excited about it. We invited her to the broadcast, but she didn't make it ): Then we had dinner at the O'Connor's and it was pretty good. No one can make chili like Mom can though... (;

Friday was Weekly Planning and that was that.

Saturday was a little disappointing because everyone we planned to see wasn't home. Saturdays are hard days for us. We got ready for the awesome broadcast and went to the "light dinner" before hand. It was "light" because people would be fasting....ummm ok? haha! The Relief Society Broadcast was pretty great! Just the pre-game show for the Missionary Superbowl this weekend! (; It was a little weird watching it at 8. We didn't leave until 9:45! Wowser. It was late for us!

Sunday was awesome because I got to take the sacrament!! (; (Relief Society broadcast). But really. IT was awesome! The sacrament is so important and I love having the time to think about my Savior and His Atonement on my behalf. We came home and did studies. I have been studying the New Testament and it is AWESOME!! I am in Luke and I love reading about the Savior's life. I am so grateful for a prophet on the earth today and for Joesph Smith and his translation of the Bible because it makes so much more sense. The Bible and the Book of Mormon truly go hand in hand when we use them together to understand the fullness of the gospel! Gotta love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where we can KNOW these things. Heavenly Father never intended for us to dwell in darkness--spiritually or intellectually either! I don't know how I studied the scriptures for less than an hour a day! Crazy! There is so much to learn and so much to find comfort in! (: The gospel is true!! Learn it. Live it. LOVE IT!!

Hope all is well on the home front! One more week down! (: Love you all!
Stay Strong and Carry On!!! Alma 17:2

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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