Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My New Area

MAN! What a crazy week! It was extremely long so I am SO glad for p-day! here is how it went.

Tuesday was pretty rough for me. We met with Faith and Agnes for the last time. They thanked me for all that I did but I honestly feel like they did more for me than I did for them! Agnes teared up as we said goodbye...course I was crying like a baby. We came back to our apartment and picked up the last of my bags and said goodbye to Pitt 2nd. Transfers were weird. I was the last one to get my companion (out of the sisters). But I kinda knew her because she had stayed at our apartment LAST transfers. I knew that she was in a tri-panionship and that she was in Carlisle. So I didn't know where we were going. That was because we were getting doubled in. One sister was finished and the other got sick. So up to Beaver Valley Sister Larsen and I headed. It's an hour north of Pittsburgh so I'm still pretty close. We got a call from a member on our way up. Sister Smego (smee-go) invited us to dinner because she knew we were doubling in and didn't have anything planned. We found our apartment and headed out to her place. She had ordered us pizza and yeah. It was cool but weird haha!

Wednesday was district meeting (I like it better on Thursday's...). This district is TINY compared to my last one. 6 people; and 4 of us are sisters! haha! Plus our district is made up of the Cranberry missionaries so we are SUPER disconnected. Oh well. We tracted a little afterwards then headed to our dinner appointment with the Burson's and our Elders. It was weird, not gonna lie. haha! Just this whole transition thing. After dinner, we went to a senior center for the GREATEST service project I've ever seen. It was AWESOME! Families had decorated refrigerator boxes (like one was tall buildings with the Bat signal a the top and the family was all super heroes) and we wheeled in the patients so they could trick or treat. The kids passed out the candy. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Thursday we had ward correlation. It is the 1st one I have ever been to, and I was super overloaded with names and stories of people. I honestly can't tell you who we are working with if you asked haha! Afterwards we saw a less active named Carol. She was super sweet and said she knew she needed to get back to church. That makes it so much easier! We got a call from a member needing help painting her new house. We did that for the rest of the day. She bought us pizza and cookies so it was pretty chill. haha!

Friday we attempted weekly planning. It's super hard when you don't know anyone or who you are supposed to visit haha! It took all day. We had ANOTHER dinner appointment with one of the Nelson families (everyone is either a Neely, Nelson, or Goettman (and yes it is the relatives of Brother Goettman back in Pitt 2nd *weird*). So that was Friday.

Saturday, was a lot of tracting. Yucky. The 1st door we knocked on, he let us in. Great, right? Wrong. He said "The one thing you Mormons got right? More than one wife." Uhhh... "We don't practice that anymore...." *launches into a huge long monologue about what I don't even know what haha! 20 minutes later.....*

We tried a less active named Alice and had an awesome lesson with her. We talked to her about "small and simple things". She said she had been reading the Book of Mormon every day but didn't see the point. I committed her to write down the blessings that she did recognize. By the end of the lesson, she was already pointing out how Heavenly Father had blessed her instead of all the things going wrong in her life. We tracted afterwards and nothing happened. Go. figure. haha! We had a dinner appointment at the Biernessers'. After that we went to the ward trunk or treat. It was FREEZING! Everyone was all bundled up and then went and hid in the church building.

Sunday was usual. Church ran smoothly, had a nice primary program and yeah. It is WAY bigger than Pitt 2nd that's for sure! It was like being in a ward out west. They welcomed us sort of, but I think they just assume missionaries will always be there. In Sunday School, the RS president, Sister Neely came and pulled us out to meet a recent convert, Claryssa. She is super sweet and is excited about the gospel. We are meeting with her on Wednesday. After Church we watched The Testaments during lunch...well, the first part of it. Then we went to meet with another recent convert Claire. She is from China and the sweetest thing. She is so smart and loves the gospel. She is VERY smart. After her lesson, we had dinner at the Petrosky's. They have a boy and 3 younger girls. It was like looking in a mirror. haha! They were cool.

So this was my chaotic week. I don't know what's going to happen this coming week, but whatever it is, it's gonna be AWESOME! haha!

 Write me!! (: Love ya'll! Stay Strong and Carry On!!

Sister Crockett

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