Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Another transfer has come and gone!! I am in my 6th transfer 0.o this is my halfway point and I can hardly believe it! Time has gone by so fast and we are loving it here in Beaver! There is an amazing family here who is doing a superb job at taking care of the Sisters. The Elders are well established here so Sisters are falling in the cracks if it weren't for the Green's!!

On Tuesday it snowed ALL DAY LONG. Talk about weird haha! Everything was getting cancelled because of the ice on the road! Our Relief Society President, Sister Neeley, asked us to come and help her get ready for Thanksgiving by painting her guest bedroom. She was worried about us driving in it so she came and picked us up, we talked about how to better organize Visiting Teaching and then painted her room. It was a lot of fun because the room was tiny and we blasted some Motab Christmas music!! (: tis the season!! We ate dinner with her and then headed in for the night.

Wednesday we went to District Meeting and well....someone hit our car. AND drove away. We have a nice dent on the passenger side behind the front tire. Such a pain. But no one was hurt and we got a nice cop so it all worked out. We just have to get our car fixed now -__- Happy holidays! We ate lunch with our district at a Chinese Buffet (not my choice d:  ) and the fortune cookie said "A beautiful person is with you, confide your problems." Sister Morphy read it and we both started smiling because of last week. She is an amazing missionary and has really helped me deal with the challenges that we have been facing since getting to this area. After DM, we had an awesome lesson with Char! She is such a doll! I wish you could meet her! We had a dinner appointment at the Bishop's house and they got pizza. The boys just talked basketball the whole time *gag* and so Sister Larsen and I made faces at each other. Mature, I know haha! Anyway, we went and saw Elsa afterwards and she showed us the illustrated copy of "The Infinite Atonement" by Tad R. Callister. It was amazing and I thumbed through it for a bit. Another book I need to read!! (:

Thursday was Turkey Day!! WHOO!!! We visited a member in the nursing home for a little bit and then took a nap before we had to go to the McBride's. We got to the McBride's at 2 and stayed the entire night there. Brother McBride was a cop, a body guard for the General Authorities (like ya know, President Monson, no big deal) and even worked on Death Row. We talked all night about the experiences he has had and how he has seen the Atonement work in the people he has worked with. It was an amazing discussion. We had a good Thanksgiving, even if it did seem off. Family is so important!

Friday we weekly planned...gross. haha! It just takes us a long time. We try and schedule everything and it's really hard haha! But afterwards we went back to the McBride's and cleaned their apartment so they could finish moving. Sister Larsen and I used a lot of cleaning supplies and you could smell it when you walked in apparently. One of the Elders asked how on earth we could breath in there. You gotta do what you gotta do. (: it really wasn't that bad, they were just being dramatic.

Saturday we did exchanges again. The Green's invited us to Ultimate Frisbee and we could really tell that the nonmembers were starting to warm up to us! (: We played in the snow so it was even MORE Ultimate! It was so much fun! Afterwards, Sister Walbourn and I tried a lot of less actives and had some deep conversations. It was amazing! Leadership roles are so inspired! I am so grateful for the missionaries who serve as leaders; they are so prepared and are exactly who I need to help me in my life and times of need. By the way, thanks for the fuzzy socks and Christmas CD Mom!!!! BEST THING EVER!!! (: I was so happy!! It even came early!!! (and yes, the M&M's are still there, if Sister Larsen's sweet tooth doesn't get to em!!)  Then we went to the Green's for dinner while they watched the BYU game haha! They are awesome. Brother Green is going around the ward asking people to sign up to go out on team-ups with us!! Of course his wife is getting volunteered a lot, but she is awesome so we are excited!

Sunday wasn't so great. I didn't feel good when I woke up so that was just rough. We went to church and yeah. We visited Sister Smego after church then went to the Biernesser's for dinner then tried to visit some more people! Such is life. (:

I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed mine as I got to contemplate how grateful I am to be a missionary! I also read up on some scriptures that really impacted me. I chose the theme "Still" and looked up everything I could on that. I realized how fast paced this world is and how little time I take to "be still and know that [He is] God." I encourage  you to take 15 minutes this week and be still. Turn off all distractions and contemplate your relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Enjoy the moments that we have been given and cherish the gospel we have. I love you all! Stay strong and Carry on!!



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