Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The SON is Out!!

Well hello there! Guess what? It's time for another fun email haha! It's been a pretty crazy week all over the place! It was nice and busy and the weather started to pick up after the dumb blizzard we had! haha!

Tuesday was a strange day for me. We did exchanges Monday night so I headed to Pitt 2nd for the exchange. 0.o WHAT?! haha! It was so weird to be in one of my old areas again. But it turned into another answer to my prayers as to why I am here. Sister Romero, the sister that I went with, has only been in the area for a transfer and so she didn't know a whole lot about it and so I filled her in a little bit with what I remembered. The sisters weren't able to see Agnes at all. So that was on the list of to-do's. Agnes got close with me and Sister Montgomery so I figured I might be able to get in a little bit easier. So we saw Sister Shoup and her situation is about the same as it was when I left....except she got a tattoo... 0.o weird. We tried some former investigators that I had previously taught and gave them a few more leads. We stopped in to see Agnes and she was really surprised to see me! I told her that she needed to continue to meet with the sisters and she agreed....after she called me fat d: hahah! Oh man. I walked in the building and she said "Sister Crockett!! You are here!! And so..." then she motioned with her hands wide. Right...6 months to slim here I come haha! So awkward. haha! We did get to see the Garvins and they were happy to see me. Sister Romero said she had never been to their house before. I was stunned, but glad I could help open some previously closed doors...even with the members. Then I came back to the Mon. Sister Rock and I went to Book of Mormon class and then to Sister Braddy's for a lesson.

We watched the mormon message, "Because of Him". It's the new one from Easter and I love it SO much.

The message is so powerful. Just as President Uchtdorf said in his last conference address, there are no endings, just everlasting beginnings.

Wednesday was really wasteful. We went to Zone Training and I didn't know how much I would miss my zone until I was here. It was still good and I learned a lot, but it was just not my zone. But we had to get our car checked out at Toyota because it is acting up. So we wandered around Washington. We finally got to our car back and went to visit a less active/recent convert named Aja (sounds like Asia). She was busy and didn't seem like she was expecting up, even though we set up an appointment. We then headed home but our GPS got us totally lost! We were on some back road and it was ridiculous haha! We then went to the church to learn how to use Family History and it was super interesting. I found some more kids on a lady on Mom's side, but still no luck with her parents. Sister Rock has a line that can be traced all the way back to Adam....pretty awesome.

Thursday was pretty crazy. We got a lot accomplished. We went to the Senior Center for service and helped serve lunch and clean up afterwards. Everyone kept asking about our name tags and if 'sister' was our 1st name....that's super weird. But everyone kept asking when we were coming back. It was really sweet. We then went to Marissa's and had a lesson outside because it was BEAUTIFUL!!  finally! haha! Then we saw Tanja and that lesson was so by the Spirit it wasn't even funny. At one point, I was recounting the "You are Special" book to her. She cried through it and offered the most bomb prayer I have heard! She was totally talking to Heavenly Father, just chatting with Him. It was amazing and I wish I could pray like her. Some day. She and her husband Tim, are recent converts and add so much to the ward. It's amazing. And hopefully their son TJ will become a new investigator soon! (: We went to dinner then saw Vi and talked to her about happiness. She is an older lady who needs visits and that is the main reason we stop by.

Friday was super busy as well. And shocker, I went to another funeral for another guy that I don't life as a missionary sometimes haha! Then we blitzed to the Sullivan's, some less actives. We had lunch with them then talked about Joseph and Hyrum Smith. It was a pretty awesome lesson because the only reason they are less active is because of health. We went to Sister Latkanich's and straightened out her mail for her because she has been in the hospital for a while. That took a huge chunk of time. When we had dinner and got back to work, nobody was home. It was ridiculous. So we took pictures in front of a pretty fountain haha! All in a day's work.

Saturday we went to correlation, then weekly planning. We did it outside because, well, it was nice! So our neighbors, who are members, threw a water balloon at us and SOAKED Sister Rock. It was kinda hilarious. Like a lot haha! We tried some less actives after dinner then tried our potential. She was telling us some horrible things that were happening to her family and her life. When the person she was talking about came out of her house, I said we would stall by talking about God. I figured that was a good answer haha! We read from the Book of Mormon about Christ coming to the Americas and she really liked it. We asked if she would like us to come back and explain it more and she said she would so we are going tonight to see her again! After the lesson, we saw Sister Honich. She is active but pretty lonely since her daughter moved out. She is the cutest lady ever!! Love her to death! She is so funny and great to be around!

Sunday was a wonderful Easter!! We went to choir and sang in the Easter program. The talks were really good and we had 6 less actives at church! That is so unheard of!! We were so pumped! Everyone kept giving up food and it was great haha! We then went to dinner at the Hammond's house. They asked us for traditions. We didn't have a lot but when we got there, they had Easter baskets for us. I hate hunting for things, so the 4 year old, who hid them, helped me find them all haha! It was so cute!! After dinner, we went to Sister Fitch's. She is the cutest old lady! She is very lonely and has a really hard life, but she is so positive! I love her dearly!

So with this wonderful Easter season, a lot of churches have crosses with purple, red and white clothes draped on them. One had a sign out that talked about telling everyone that Jesus lives! But one I particularly liked (because it was darn clever) and stuck with me says "The tomb is empty and the Son is out!" Especially being in dreary, rainy and cold PA, I never knew how much I would miss the sun on my face! But as the clouds have cleared, I am so grateful for the warmth and light that it provides. There are people that are living in spiritual "PA." Some may have been there their whole life and never realized how wonderful the Son is. How much warmth and light He provides. I count myself lucky to have lived where the Son (and sun) always shines. I can always feel the warmth on my face when I turn towards the Son. Happy Easter!!!

I love you all very much! I hope to hear from you soon!!

All my love,

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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