Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One Whole Year

Well! Here is another fabulous week coming right atcha!! It has been so much fun! We did so much service this week it isn't even funny! We had a great time and it's wonderful to be here in the Mon valley!! (:

Tuesday we scrubbed down Sister Menzar's walls. It was awesome cuz we just talked and worked and it only took 4 hours!! 0.o haha! After being on a ladder the whole time I was a little sore but it was a good sore. We tried to contact some peeps before dinner but that didn't go according to plan (like anything really does haha!) We tried to have Book of Mormon class, but no one showed up...so we left. We saw a less active/part member family, the Carroll's. They were nice, but not really interested in ever coming back to church. We'll continue to work on them! We did get a return appointment with another less active member, Sister Woods. All in all it was a really good day and pretty productive!

Wednesday we had district meeting in Uniontown which is a million miles away. Geez haha! It was pretty good and I like all the missionaries in my district. After the meeting, we went to Dena and Marcus' and did some more service and we had Rachel, a recently returned missionary come with us. I scraped paint with some macho hair dryer and scraper...what? I don't know! It was just hot and melted the paint haha! We came home and made cookies for Dena and Marcus because the had a stressful day ahead of them. After dinner, we went to the Family History Center to learn more about the website and how to work it. I ended up finding people!! I was SO excited! Sister Crook, who was helping me, laughed at how excited I was haha!

Thursday was a pretty crazy day for me....I hit my year mark. I have been on my mission for one year. I can hardly believe how the time has passed. I can't imagine how fast it will pass in the future. I am so grateful for the time I have had on my mission and the lessons that Heavenly Father has seen fit to give me!

We did service at the senior center. We walked in and a less then friendly lady said "The Mormons are here." Yes. We have arrived. We talked to the lady who runs the hair salon there, Laurel, about the church for a good 15-20 minutes. It was pretty great. We are getting a lot of potential investigators from it! We then helped serve and clean up lunch, then it was lunch time for the little sister missionaries! We then went and taught Marissa about scripture study and prayer. She is understanding a little bit better every time we talk with her which is wonderful! She is so funny. She talks like a Valley Girl and loves to say "Sister CROCKett." putting empasis on the 1st part of my name haha! She is silly and very sweet. We then went and taught Vi. She is an older lady with a lot of health problems. She actually told us she doesn't want to go to the temple because it is too far away. /: it nearly broke Sister Rock's and my heart! If only a temple was closer. We went to Tim and Tanja's and talked about the light of Christ and prayer journals. They both agreed to try and keep a prayer journal and it was wonderful! Tanja was really excited. We went to Sister Woods' house after that and talked with her so we could understand her better. She lost her dad about 5 years ago and has been really angry with God since. She said that she is starting to come to terms with it but she isn't ready to pray. She shared a really cool experience that helped her get through the tough time and I said that, Heavenly Father is still going to give us answers even if we don't formally pray for them. I explained that sometimes I will just talk to Heavenly Father and ask Him things like He is sitting in the very room. I usually receive the most profound answers to my prayers! He is amazing and really loves us!

Friday we did good ol' weekly planning. Then we headed over to our investigator, Sherrie's, house. Two hours later....we got 10 minutes of talking. Pennsylvania likes to talk. haha! We went to dinner at the Mosser's and it was SO much fun! Brother Mosser said "Did you know that the Catholics have started doing baptisms for the dead??" I was really shocked and said "NO!! I knew they were sending out missionaries but baptisms for the dead?" He said "Yeah! They just put in a new sprinkler system in at Sacred Heart cemetery." So goofy haha!  We finally made it to Sister Latkanich's and picked up some random food from her and shared a quick spiritual message. Then it was time for our bed time!! (:

Saturday we went to breakfast with our investigator, Cheran because it was her birthday. We then went to Marcus and Dena's and I sanded down what I had scraped off a few days before. I am learning so many different skills it isn't even funny haha! We hope to help them move in this coming Saturday. We went to the Sullivan's and they fed us dessert. So I was hoping to stop having seconds and or sweets. So instead I second sweets. Geez Louise.

Sunday was really good except I got double teamed!! I gave the opening prayer AND had to speak. Oh well, more blessings for me! (: The Mosser's brought a friend and afterward she came up and said "That was so sweet what you said! I almost started crying but I held it together. You come to my salon and I will give you free gel nails because you almost made me cry." ummm...ok. haha! How about, we share the gospel with you and you can have those feelings ALL the time. Deal. We ended up teaching the 12 year olds about the Atonement. They were really sweet. I probably talked too much, but it was pretty good. We went to dinner at the Ader's home and taught Brittany and her mom. Brittany is a less active and her mom isn't a member. We talked about prayer and they both were nodding along, so hopefully some progress will be made there!!

So our week was pretty fantastic. A lot of it turned to the Atonement. I had an interesting experience during the sacrament. I always try and read the words to "I Stand All Amazed" but when I was on the stand, I was really nervous and couldn't focus as well as I wanted to. The Sacrament came and went and I felt that I hadn't contemplated my Savior's sacrifice enough. But as we taught the Atonement in Sunday School, I had a whole 35 minutes to ponder it and the wonderful things that have resulted because of it. I know that I am here today because of the enabling and strengthening power of grace. In a April 2012 Ensign article by Elder Bednar, he suggests that we place 'strengthening and enabling power' where the word 'grace' appears in the scriptures. There is a lot more to the Atonement that I formerly believed. I know that my Redeemer lives.

I love you!! Thank you for all of your prayers and letters! They make my day!!

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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