Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Warming Up and Counting Chickens

Well, here is the low down! I am STILL in Pittsburgh! I am in the Monongahela ward with Sister Rock from Utah. She has been out 3 months and we are having a blast up here! I am still trying to get used to a new area, but it's been so much fun. I know I am here for a reason. There are 2 girls that have recently gone less active that I have met previously. Paige was up in Beaver visiting because the Elders were baptizing her mom. We had a pretty good friendship going for a while but then she stopped coming up there. But I know her better than the missionaries here! And Aja was baptized in the Washington PA ward. I met her when I went on exchanges with Sister Cohen FOREVER ago. But again, no one else knows her at all! Pretty crazy how the Lord works!! Oh and thanks for sending the warm weather my way!! Yesterday it got up to 85!!!!! I am SO ready for summer it's not even funny haha!

So Tuesday was a crazy day! Sister Hanseen and I went and saw Renea and Wendy before I left. They were both so sweet! I am going to miss working with them! We came back to our apartment and waited for Sister Walborn and Sister Larsen to show up then we hightailed it out of there. Sister Walborn and I had a super great talk. She said that as she was leaving her area, a member told her that the 1st year is for you. You figure out what you are doing as a missionary, you learn as much as you can and you find out more about the gospel. The last 6 months are for the Lord. This is where you really forget yourself and go to work. You give everything you have and you make it all about Him. His children, His investigators, His work.

So we got to transfers late, but not too bad. We just got a little lost in down town Pitt, no big deal haha! I saw Monty because she was GOING HOME!!!!!! My trainer is home now ): It's so weird! I remember joking with her that I would be at 11 months when she went home and that I would never reach that. But she is home now! *freaking out!* Anyway, so another sister and I headed down to Washington to meet our new companions! Sister Rock is so sweet! I know we are going to have a lot of fun! (: We went to dinner at the Lang's who are related to somebody from Beaver (all of the members in PA are related...it's just a fact). Then we headed off to Book of Mormon class at the church. We came home and I attempted to unpack.

Wednesday was stressful just because I felt like a greenie ALL over again. It's probably the best and worst things about  transfers, new areas.One funny thing that I realized is that in my 1st area, I was by the Allegheny river, then Beaver is by the Ohio river, and now I am serving by the Monongahela river. The 3 main rivers in Pa haha! What on earth? After studies we had to feed our neighbors' chickens...that became quite the adventure later on.We ended up visiting a RC named Marissa who is hilarious. She is a little different but her love for the gospel is the same. Next we saw Sister Braddy who is less active. She served a mission in Brazil and loves to talk about her mission. She does still love the gospel but some trials in her life have stopped her and her husband from coming. I did learn something interesting as I was preparing for her lesson! We talked about hope and in True to the Faith it says that hope is active. Hope is active on both ends. We have to actively seek hope through scripture study, prayer, attending church etc and when we go through a trial hope kicks in and actively carries through the trials we can't face on our own! How awesome is that?

We saw Tim and Tanja, recent converts. They are so funny and we had a good discussion on fasting.
Thursday we visited Sue, a less active member. She is progressing quickly which is nice. She was a really strong member a while ago I guess. We talked about Conference and learned a lot from each other; those are the best lessons. Then it was time for District Meeting. President and Sister Topham were there for interviews. Sister Topham is so cute! haha! She was all excited about hashtags and memes that the church is putting out to flood social media for Easter. haha! The members of the district are Elder Green (6months), Elder Packard (18 months), Elder Klima (6 days) and Elder Jenkins (less than a year). Everyone is so little haha! I am OLD. haha! We saw a potential investigator named Sherrie and she has been going through a lot and so she shared a lot of what she has been facing. At the end she apologized for not allowing us to talk about God. She said next time we could have a discussion. So there is some potential there!

Friday was crazy! We went to a non member's house that Sue had referred the sisters to. They were fixing it up so that they could move in. We were helping them get their floors ready for carpeting. We walked in and asked Dena for some rags to wipe the floors down. She was crying and ended up telling up a lot of stuff that her and her family had been facing. She kept asking "Where was God then? I know He is real, but where was He then?" Sister Rock did awesome saying that people have their agency and sometimes we suffer because of their poor decisions. But God is always there to help us through those times because He loves us. She thanked us for coming to help and said that she knew we were sent to help them not just with the house but spiritually as well.

So we came home to a loose chicken. I herded her up the hill toward the cage but we had to refill the water dish. ALL OF THE CHICKENS ESCAPED!!!!!!! They are the dumbest animals I have ever seen! haha! It took forever to get them back and we couldn't catch 3 of them. So we did weekly planning and then went to the Bishop's house for dinner. We had a meeting before and it was pretty good.

Saturday the sun was shinning! (Today's the day! The sun is shinning! The tank is clean! *gasp* THE TANK IS CLEAN!!) We had correlation with our WML, Brother Wood, who served in this mission 3-5 years ago...weird? A little haha! But he is super cool and good at helping us. We helped set up the ward Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. After that we tried to see people, but that didn't really happen. We saw the Sullivans who are related to Dena and Marcus. They are hoping to start coming to church again soon. We went to the Mossers for dinner and had Brazilian hot dogs because Sister Mosser is from Brazil. I don't know what it was but it was DELICIOUS!!! so good! but their daughter, Isabella, said the prayer and asked that the other sister could come back soon.....riiiiigght. Feeling the love haha!

Sunday we had PEC and then went to choir practice. Both are SO different from Beaver it's freaky! haha! We taught primary after sacrament meeting. We had the 6-8 year old's and they were CRAZY! haha! So much fun. After church we went to an old lady's apartment and picked up some clothes for her because she is in the hospital. Yup. That is my week!

Pretty crazy how many tender mercies I have seen in the short week I've been here. I can't believe how merciful Heavenly Father has been to me so that I can have a smoother transition. I know I will grow to love this ward once I figure out where the heck I am! haha! i love you all and thank you so much for the prayers you offer in my behalf! I need them!

All my love,

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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