Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Mishap and Lots of Storms

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Sunday! I love you Dad!! (:

So...this week I took the struggle bus everywhere I it was bad. It started on Monday...Sister Rock had a goofy mask on and was doing weird poses and some ladies asked what she was drinking because we were having a competition playing the flour game with the Elders at the Johnson's. Well, we lost and I was joking and shoved Sister Rock's face in the flour. But trying to get out really fast, it was kinda really hard. Her eyes watered which made the flour stick to her face worse and I felt like an idiot. Everyone thought it was so funny and I let her shove my face in the flour. We came off looking AWESOME lemme tell you. The whole ward asked about it because the Johnson's posted it on Facebook. Awesome. 

Tuesday I felt like I was in the car ALL day. We had zone conference and at to be in Greentree at 8:30 for car inspections PLUS we had to pick up the Mckeesport Elders. So we drove there and made it just in time. I got to see Sister Cook who I absolutely adore. It was a lot of fun. A little sad because President and Sister Topham are going home on the 27th so it's the last time a lot of us will see them. We got to "hang out" with them which was pretty sweet. The sisters group hugged President and he totally wasn't expecting it! So funny!! The Elders copied us....mmm. just awkward haha! We all got a picture with the Tophams and as I hugged Sister Topham she made me promise to keep in pinky promise! haha! She said "Be brave and be strong" and gave me a big hug. It was so sweet! I love the Tophams and I am sad to see them leave. It'll be an adventure with the Johnson's and quite exciting all the same.

Wednesday was BAD for me. Oh man. I wanted to hide in the darkest corner of our apartment and never emerge. We went to Dena and Marcus to help them out with their basement. When we got there, Dena said they wanted to work on the basement later so we would wash windows. So scrub away we did! Everything was going well and we had lunch with them. As we finished and wanted to share a spiritual thought...well let's just say the Spirit wasn't conducive to it, so we didn't. We quietly got back to work and just as we were finishing windexing the last window, Sister Rock asked me to hold the top window so she could do the bottom because they fold out towards the room. So I climbed up and opened the window, it made this weird noise and FELL OUT OF MY HAND!!!!! It came crashing down into the window below. I just said "No." Dena came in and Marcus said a few choice words. I felt HORRIBLE and offered several times to pay for the window but they refused. They said things happen and it will all be ok. I am SO glad they are nice people because I probably would have thrown me out. As I was leaving, I was apologizing to Dena and she said it wasn't my fault the window wasn't put in right. Then I hear "CROCKETT!" I sheepishly looked at Dena and she just shrugged and smiled. I went around the side and Marcus said "Crockett. Smile. It happened, it's over, and nothing is going to change it. Just smile ok?!" Yes sir! So we went home and Sister Rock gave me space. I just curled into a ball and fell asleep. I was pretty much useless for a good amount of time. We went to dinner at the Mackowiaks and a huge thunderstorm rolled in. We left for BoM class and it went pretty well. After mutual, Sister Crook and Haley sat in on our lesson with Tanner. It went really well. He is such a boss. But he doesn't turn 18 until April 2015.....sooo that will just be a matter of time.

Thursday came and was WAY better than the day before. obviously. We did service at the senior center. Then we went to Sue's house and helped package some meat for her. Yum raw beef. We went to Marissa's and she is goofy as always! She was dancing in her chair singing "That's funny!" over and over again. She's crazy and so funny. We met with Tanja and came up with a plan to help her stop smoking and hopefully it'll stick!! (: Pray for her please! We went to dinner at the Kerry's and they invited 2 non members over for dinner. I had the spiritual thought and I shared this story (paraphrased):
A man dies and is resurrected. He finds himself in a waiting room with another man. There is a door and it opens, the other man enters, the door closes. The man can hear everything behind the door. The interviewer begins.

I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

Well, He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem. He lived 33 years and the last three were His ministry where He set up His church. He called apostles to help Him and gave them the Priesthood.

The interviewer stopped him. Yes, Yes that is all true but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

He died on a cross for the sins of the world and rose the third day. He lives and visited the American continent. He showed them the wounds in His hands and feet and side.

Again, the interviewer stopped him. Yes, that is true but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.

A little perplexed, the man began again. Well, He visited Joseph Smith and called Him as a prophet. He restored the gospel and the Priesthood keys. He gave us the sealing power so our families could be together forever.

The interviewer stopped him yet again. Yes, yes, all that is true.
The man was excused and the next man was invited into the room. As he entered and saw the interviewer, the man fell to his knees and exclaimed "My Lord, My God."
I was a little hesitant to share this because of non members but I realized it is always a good time to bring up the gospel. There is never a bad time to share with someone your testimony of Jesus Christ and so I did. They had tears in their eyes and the Spirit was really strong. We went on splits to do some visiting teaching with the ladies of the ward and it went really well! We visited some people and learned a lot....about the Elders' area. d: We are guilty of poaching a lot of the time but sisters are awesome and there are people we can reach. The Elders work in our area too so don't worry. They have plenty to do haha!

Friday we had weekly planning and got it all finished! Whoo triumphant! We had another HUGE storm roll through and the thunder was SO loud. It was pretty crazy, but not for PA haha! We then went on splits with Tanja and the Relief Society President, Marne. We saw the Humberts and it was kinda awkward for the most part but we survived and got a lesson in haha! We ate at the Cooks and watched another thunderstorm. It was way cool and super loud. We did try to visit people but no one seemed to be home at that time.

Saturday was the day Tanner was supposed to be baptized. Instead, we helped Brittany pack and move boxes. She is hoping to move to Tennessee soon. We had lunch and then saw Vi. We talked with Tim and Tanja next. We had to keep checking on Tanja because her daughter is home for a week and they don't always get along. Then we went to the Mosser's and ate AWESOME Brazilian food. It was so good. Brother Mosser also taught us how to throw a tomahawk. Pretty much a pro haha! We saw the Braddy's and Brother Braddy participated. This was a HUGE breakthrough! We were so happy when he commented and participated in the closing prayer (ya know...said Amen)

Sunday started off...well rough. But what wasn't this week. We locked our keys in the car. Luckily we have AWESOME member neighbors and Brother Martin came and broke into our car. We made it to the end of ward council and as we walked in, everyone started laughing. Yup. That's us! The sisters who lock their keys in their car d: But who hasn't right?? We had lunch at the Aders and talked about different experiences we've had with our fathers, earthly and Heavenly. It was kinda neat. Sister Rock wasn't feeling well so we came home and I studied a little bit. We left a few hours later and saw the Hoffmans. All in all a pretty eventful week!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! The Church is true!!

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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