Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Everything is for our Good

Weeeelll hello favorite people!! How's it going?? This week has been pretty good for the most part! We survived and it wasn't as bad as it was last week, thank goodness. But we do have transfer information...Sister Rock is getting transferred tomorrow ): It makes me super sad but I am excited for her! She'll do great things!

On Tuesday, we saw Dena and shared Earthly Father, Heavenly Father with her and she really liked! She even asked us to leave it up so that she could show Marcus when he got home! Score. But the kids made it kinda hard to ask them if they want to investigate. Grr. I just need to be bold!! We tried to visit lots of people but people don't seem to be home very often at 4 on a Tuesday. I don't know why they wouldn't be!! d: We visited Tanja and she had her grandkids over so she was super flustered; poor lady. Then we went to the Stinnetts so we could visit the Colberts. Sister Stinnett's daughter is dating their son and they are both on missions right now. By the end of the visit I was a walking rug. Like COVERED in hair. It was so gross!! And Sister Rock saw her first firefly (yes they are real!! and SO cool! (:  )

Wednesday we left early to go help at the Food Bank. Mostly we just talked with people and directed them if they had any questions. Then we went to our last district meeting. But no district meeting is complete without finding SOMETHING gross. Our zone leaders found a HUGE fly like MASSIVE and trapped it between the glass doors! d: Sick. After lunch we went to Donora and visited the Humberts. Sister Humbert's daughter is really sick and in the hospital. They keep asking us to pray for her because we offer "better" prayers than they do....we gotta work on that. But we did set up a blessing for them. The Priesthood is awesome. Sister Humbert wants to retake the lessons so she can remember what was first taught to her. Hopefully she'll come to church! We also saw Sister Latkanich. She is a wirey old thing haha! We had Book of Mormon and a lesson with Tanner. He is doing SUPER awesome and we reset him with a baptismal date of April 10, 2015. Sweeet! (:

Thursday was pretty long. We did service at the senior center. We saw Sue and talked about Jesus Christ as our "reference book" for everything we do. We made it out to Vi's and talked about enduring to the end with her. We also saw the Hoffmans but they told us to come back later. We were planning on going to visit the Abbeglens with our ward mission leader and his wife but then the family invited us to dinner. So we planned on that but then Sister Abbeglen was running late so they cancelled dinner...AND the lesson. Oh dear. The life of a missionary d: We saw the Hoffmans again and talked with them for a bit. They are pretty funny d:

Friday we had to split up weekly planning because we went to lunch with the Crooks. We had to get Sister Rock's blood drawn and then Sue called us. She asked for help in moving some clothes around. We got a call from Sister Hammond who asked if we still talked to Dena and Marcus. She invited them to dinner! And they said they could come!!!!! (: So we did then went to get some AWESOME gyros from a Greek guy downtown. We were able to talk with Sue for a little bit then we had to race to our dinner appointment. We had dinner with the Paul's. Then it was back to Bethel Park! I picked up Sister Stokes and we didn't stop talking until about 11:45....mmm probably Midnight. We had SO much fun!

Saturday was depressing and fun all at the same time...*sigh*. Missionary life. Sister Stokes and I went to correlation and then back for studies. We took lunch then off to Donora for us! We saw the Humberts and followed up on the blessing and Sister Humbert was really happy about that. We saw
Sister Latkanich again and she is doing well still. We saw the Sullivans and they had us make milkshakes while we talked about the gospel. SICK. haha! I was doing SO well! d: On the way home we were rushing because we had to exchange back AND make it to dinner on time PLUS make a cake. So we ran to the store and then dumb me thought "Hey, just turn up the temperature! That'll make it bake faster..." So up to 450 the oven went. I sat down after putting it in the oven and sat down. I looked at Sister Stokes and said "Wait.....that's not going to work!! It'll cook the outside before the inside is even CLOSE to being done!!" I ran to the kitchen but it was too late...mmmm blonde moment. And then the sisters showed up. So I just laughed and Sister Rock said we would just make it at the Hammonds. So we got another cake mix and rushed to the Hammonds and made it there. Dena and Marcus showed up and they had a BLAST!! The kids hit it off really well and everything went AWESOME!!!! (: And the cake turned out when I didn't touch it hahaha!

Sunday Sister Rock said good bye to everyone at church and just cried. The poor thing. 1st transfer is the hardest. We ran around all crazy visiting people and finally slowed down in the evening with dinner and a goodbye visit to the Aders. Yup. That was our week!! (:

Man, and the Tophams are going home on Saturday!! How weird!! I can hardly believe it!! So many landmarks are happening. The Tophams are leaving, my 11th transfer and my 14th month tomorrow!! I don't know where my time is flying to but I am glad it is being spent in the service of my God. I love this area and I can't wait to see it flourish more!! Everything is for our good!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you!!

All my love,

Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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