Saturday, June 21, 2014

Be Still

Well I can hardly believe it's P-day again! This week FLEW by which scares the crap (ummm I mean scares me A LOT!!) because I need it to slow down!! haha! It's really starting to freak me out and I am glad I have as much time left as I do because any less would bring on a sheer panic attack. I know my mission is coming to an end in the next several months but I am definitely making the most of it!
With the summer some really bad allergies have hit which is pretty obnoxious! Sister Rock told me the other day that I was up to 6 sneezes in the morning and she was so proud of me because I was improving. Well gee, thanks!!

So Tuesday was really busy. We talked with Sue and even though she has been reactivated we still visit with her to keep her coming! She is so amazing and has a wonderful grasp of the gospel so we can talk about anything really. It's the best! We went to Marissa's and read the Book of Mormon with her to help her continue to grow and to learn as much as she can. We went to Tim and Tanja's and they taught us the law of chastity. We were rolling on the floor it was SO funny. Tanja REALLY hates kissing haha! We also went to the ward librarian's house, her name is Pinky. She is nice and we are trying to take a page out of President Monson's book and visit the widows as well as the less actives and investigators we are visiting. It makes for a pretty hectic schedule but I love it! 

Wednesday was district meeting and we got asked to help at the senior center in the morning because they were going to be extremely busy. So we went and then the elders picked us up. We had district meeting on the importance of the Book of Mormon so that was pretty good. We still had to do studies when we got home so that took up most of our day. We had dinner at the Mackowiak's house then blitzed to the Book of Mormon class.

Thursday we did service at the senior center. Old people are the best. I love giving service there because they are SO nice and so excited to see us. After serving and cleaning up lunch we went to Sister Braddy's and had a pretty good discussion on enduring to the end. We asked her to make her own commitment; she is an RM after all!! So she said she would read her scriptures so we are hoping she will come through!!! She then saw Vi and talked about the Holy Ghost with her. We kept it short because she wasn't feeling good. We went to Sue's house with the Elders and did service for them! It was really cool because Sue's husband, Bud, and their daughter Sarah, used to be really against the missionaries but we have really began to develop a good relationship with them!! Sarah is so funny and Bud likes to tease us now so we are moving our way up!! (: No one was home after dinner so we saw Sister Fitch and talked with her for a bit. She is the most adorable lady!!

Friday we had lunch with the Robkers after weekly planning. It was pretty awesome because Sister Robker invited her aunt who isn't a member but LOVES the missionaries. It was really cool. Then we went to help Sue again! It was really fun because our plans fell through but we were able to eat with her family again that night. We tried a potential investigator but she wasn't available so talked with Sister Stoy, an active/less active family. 

Saturday we helped Sue at the Fleatique (basically everyone sets up tables in downtown Monongahela and sells their old stuff, crafts, or food). It was really cool because we got to talk with a lot of different people. But we spent the whole day in the sun so we were pretty toasty by the end. We saw Sister Humbert and then tried to see Sister Latkanich but she fell again /: Her nurse says this is fall number 5 since she left the hospital so we are pretty worried about her. She is pretty old and not doing so well. Keep her in your prayers. We also saw Sister Shoaf and visited with her about her son who is on a mission in Utah right now. Then we had dinner at Tim and Tanja's and then had a lesson with them afterwards. We shared the lesson so no craziness then haha! But they were on one and telling all sorts of funny stories. 

Sunday we went to church and there were CRAZY thunderstorms!! It was pretty awesome!! We saw Dena and Marcus after studies and dinner. We are STILL working on them. I don't know why it is taking so long. We are getting them this week FOR SURE. Then we saw Cheran one of our investigators that we haven't been able to teach since I got here! Crazy. 

So that was my week! Sorry my letters aren't super exciting! I just want you to get an idea of what my day-to-day life is like! Some days are always better than others but it's alright there are always tender mercies.

This week I realized that I am moving too fast. I took a second to look at the time that I have had to "be still and know that [He] is God". So I dedicated some time in my studies to be still and contemplate God. I marked all the scriptures that I could find on that, one of my favorite being D & C 101:16. As I wrote on a little sticky note "Be still and know that I am God" to remind me. As I was putting it in the front of my scriptures I found a little picture card of the story of Mary and Martha. I read the story again and realized that that was EXACTLY what I had been studying. Martha was "anxiously engaged in a good cause" but Mary was taking time to be with the Savior who wouldn't be with her for very long. Although Martha was encouraged to remember to listen to the words Christ spoke, she was also commended  for her desires to make Christ comfortable. I relate to Martha more often than Mary because I want to be busy and involved but am I missing the time to spend with my Savior one-on-one? I encourage you to take time this week to "be still and know that [He] is God". Reflect on the time that Heavenly Father has given you and all of the blessings that are yours. Think of the relationship you have created with your Father. How well do you know Him and His plan for YOU? I know that is something I am going to work on this week as well!!

I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!! 


Sister Kaitlyn Crockett

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