Saturday, June 21, 2014

Unlikely Surprise in McDonald's

WELL! Here it is, another week has come and gone and I can hardly believe it. I will have some bad news to tell you, so just be prepared! Nothing horrible but I will need your help in some prayers.

Monday (unusual I know, but this is where it starts). We were at the Memorial Day Picnic and Sister Hoffman came up to us. She told us that when Tanner got home, his mom told him he could not get baptized. She had come across some anti material. So Tanner is pretty crushed and so were we, but with all of the miracles that have happened, I know that Heavenly Father will take care of it. But if you wouldn't mind praying for Tanner to have the strength to continue, I would appreciate it; I know he would too.

Tuesday we helped one of our investigators, Cheran, clean her house. She has a lot of dogs and so my allergies were CRAZY. But we got a lot done. We then saw the Humberts and it started POURING outside. They really like it when we come over so that it good! We hope that they will begin to understand the gospel better in the next few weeks! We tried to see Sister Latkanich afterwards, but she is STILL in the hospital; which isn't very good. She didn't look very good when we stopped by. We took dinner then saw Brother Burnworth. He is a hilarious old man!! His daughter, Rachel, was there and she told her conversion story even though she is less active. It was really cool, actually. We had a good talk. We are still working on inviting Dena and Marcus to take the lessons! It's so hard to find an opening but, we have to move soon! I'll probably just be very bold next time we see them. Then the storm rolled in again and we had to go inside because we couldn't see outside!

Wednesday we did 12 hour missions with 2 of the girls in the ward that are home from college. I was with Isabella who leaves for the Dominican Republic on the 4th! We did studies and had District Meeting. I never realized HOW awkward missionaries were until we threw 2 non missionaries in the mix haha! Oh man. So weird haha! Isabella and I went to visit Sue and we talked about fasting. We spent our day making contact with all sorts of people. Some less actives, some potentials, and some non members who wanted nothing to do with the church. Just a typical day as a missionary. We went to dinner and this old guy's phone rang. It was "We are never getting back together" by Taylor Swift....yup. Pennsylvania. Then the Book of Mormon class. We ended up having a really good discussion in the class. 

Thursday was all service. We went to the senior center as usual then we went to Dena and Marcus' to help them clean their basement....that was SKETCH. haha! It was so much fun though! We scrubbed the floors because they had flooded with the monster rain storm that came through. Then we had to go to dinner at the Crook's. We had the Relief Society meeting afterwards, so that is where we spent our day. 

Friday was weekly planning and Jackie's lesson. Half way through she got a call from her daughter that her granddaughter had swallowed a bottle of vitamin C (turns out it's water soluble). So she rushed to pick her up and take them to the hospital. We ended up driving to Paige's to try and see her. She wasn't home. /: It makes me so sad because I love her and we had a ton of fun in Beaver!! I wish she would just come to church!! We then went to Meg's and saw Chelsey. Chelsey is married to a less active member whose parents live in the ward. We are trying to start teaching her and she said she wants to learn more! We then went to dinner and visited Sister Fitch! She is the sweetest old lady in the world!! I love her so much!! haha! 

Saturday. Oh man. This day was CRAZY. Like typical missionary day. But so extraordinary it's not even funny. It started on Friday night after planning. Our main plan fell through so we decided to do what we could. We visited Sister Latkanich again. She is doing a lot better than the last time we saw her. When we showed up to the hospital, our lunch appointment fell through. So we were struggle busing it. We visited Sister Braddy and they were cleaning their house so of COURSE my allergies decided to flare up. Talk about difficult. We talked about the Holy Ghost and then walked everywhere in the world. Nope, just Charleroi. We walked to Vi's house and then took dinner. We ate and then decided to go grab a 49 cent ice cream cone and McDonalds. We're haha! So we walk in and stand in line when a guy runs up and says "Sisters! Let me pay for you!!" We looked pretty shocked and he said "Don't worry! I'm a member! Please, let me pay for you!" Sooo a member we don't know in OUR area?? What? We got our ice cream cones and went to talk to them. Chad is from California and his wife, Michelle is from Utah. They both go to BYU-I but are here for the summer installing security systems. They are actually in Pitt 2nd ward! We were so mind blown! And their friends walked in and they were members as well!! It was so weird to see so many members in one place (; haha! But it definitely was a tender mercy. Not that we couldn't buy our own ice cream but that the whole experience took place. The act meant more than the money. We then walked to the Hoffman's and talked with them, then went to the Sullivans. They are the sweetest!!

Sunday was really good! Fast Sunday wasn't that bad. We had a really good ward council and Tanner came to sacrament meeting! I don't know how much longer he will be able to. I know it will all work out. This isn't our work; it's the Lord's. We said goodbye to Isabella who leaves this week. Then did studies and went to the Stinnett's for dinner. They crack me up. One of their sons came home and surprised them for his Mother's Day gift. We had a really good Sabbath. 

So that's how my week went! It was busy and we got 11 less active recent convert lessons!! We average about 7-8 weekly so that was really cool! It was so wonderful to be able to work with the youth this week! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Sister Crockett

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