Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Well Merry Christmas ya'll!! I don't know if I'll even get a white Christmas here 0.o Sad day!! But it is supposed to be cold after this warm push we've had. Our week has been as weird as the weather. Good, but weird haha! Lemme sum up.

We had correlation but because lack of communication, it was pushed back an hour and we had no idea. So we sat in Brother Yovich's house for a good hour and a half with NOTHING to do. So we napped d: haha! We went to Grandma Neeley's and shoveled her walk a boss. We then helped her make some Christmas cookies which was difficult because she is VERY particular about it haha!

Wednesday was district meeting. The zone leaders came before to help us with our maps then stayed for the entire DM. Elder Waddoups was there too because he still didn't have a companion. So our district nearly doubled haha! It was a lot of fun until lunch when the Elders had a gross eating contest. Chicken feet and mussels GAG!!! boys. We had to race back to Chippewa to meet up with Sister Goettman so we could meet with Rasheda. We had an awesome lesson and she marked the Book of Mormon up!! She is better at studying it than I am!! haha! She is amazing. It was a long drive back to Midland then we high tailed it to Sister DeBaker's. Her daughter is home for Christmas and she is hilarious. It made it ten times less awkward with some one our age there haha!

Thursday we did some planning because we had team-ups on Friday morning. We got to plan for Rasheda's baptism and it was so weird! I never thought I would get this opportunity! After planning, we went to the Green's and did some baking. It was so much fun and helped us get in the Christmas season!

Friday we helped Sister L. Neeley with her Christmas decorating, which again helped with the Christmas spirit. Then we had a lesson with Rasheda and covered the "big" commandments: The law of tithing, the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity. It was good and she didn't have a problem with anything. Which is even better haha! Then we traded off and went to Sister K. Neeley's and baked some more cookies. She asked for our favorite recipes which ended up with her texting Mom and asking for Krinkle cookies 0.o that was a weird close and so far haha! We didn't finish so we made plans to come back the next day. And I got 2 awesome packages!! I was a really happy camper!! (:

Saturday Sister K. Neeley joked about not hearing from you, Mom, and said she was going to text you and tell you I was back but didn't want to send you into a frenzy haha! We spent the entire morning coordinating for Rasheda's baptismal interview then finally the time came for us to meet with her! We blitzed the commandments and Elder Vassallo showed up for the interview. She passed with flying colors!! We then went to the LaFond's for dinner and it was delicious. We finally got to meet the new Elder. He is from Gilbert and his name is Elder Cox.

Sunday was hectic as we were asked to participate in the ward choir by Sister K. Neeley 0.o so we did. We sang a song that really got me thinking. It's called "Were you there that Christmas Night?" and there is a line that Sister Neeley emphasized..."did you gaze upon Jesus' face or touch the infant hands?"

We went to the Neeley family party for dinner after visiting with Sister Smego. We visited some other peeps and finally called it a night. It's been a long week but so good.

I hope you remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Please, before unwrapping the wonderful gifts that have been lovingly wrapped and chosen, take time to remember the Gift that God lovingly chose and Mary wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manager. Remember our Savior and His birth in this wonderful season. Remember what the shepherds saw and heard that caused them to seek out the Child and to pay homage to Him. Remember that those infant hands would one day calm the sea and heal a blind man. Remember that those infant hands would one day write in the sand and lift a daughter to her parents. Remember that those infant hands would one day lift your burdens and carry the cross. Remember that those infant hands will one day greet you and will welcome you back home.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!



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