Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Roller Coaster

Oh the joy of being a missionary!! Really nothing compares!!!! This week has been one big roller coaster and I can't wait to share it with you!!! (: Fasten your seat belts ladies and gents because this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness!!! (;

So Tuesday we had correlation which was normal. But it was weird when our zone leaders showed up to do exchanges with Elder Waddoups/Brother Allread/Brother about being the minority. haha! We then went to Char's and talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost and got into a pretty deep and awesome discussion. You can always count on Char for that!! We then rushed out to Midland to see our AMAZING investigator Rasheda. Sister Goettman came with us and we talked about the plan of salvation. It's amazing because she kept saying "this is so familiar, I love it!" It was awesome! She really loved and explained that she wants to get baptized on her terms and make sure she gets baptized for her and for no one else. Which is totally fine haha! So we went home, packed our bags for Butler and then headed to our dinner appointment at Sister Rambo's. I was so stuffed it wasn't even funny haha! The ZL's were there and got the tour of the "Man Cave" with Brother Rambo's guns and Cobra. I think there was some drool on the front seat when we left d: Silly boys..I'll never understand. haha! We drove to Butler to stay the night and get ready for zone Conference!

Wednesday was zone conference and that was super weird! I saw some missionaries that I haven't seen in a while! Elder Coke from Pitt 2nd is up in Erie 1st ward with Bishop May *jealous!* But it was cool to talk with people and get some training on being a better missionary. We did an interesting Role Play on revelation through church attendance. As we were teaching, I really pondered why church is so important. I mean it is so rote and we do the same thing every week, but isn't that the beauty of it?? We get to partake of the sacrament EVERY week. We get to remember Christ EVERY week (although we should be doing that every day). As simple as it is, church is SO important. After Zone, we went with Sister Hays to try and see some people but no one was home. She kindly drove us to Sister Neeley's for dinner. We had a great dinner and then came home for some planning!

Thursday we played the role of bold missionary. We saw Alice and she kept giving us excuses why she couldn't attend church. So zone conference training kicked in and reminded her how important partaking of the sacrament is! I mean it's a commandment for goodness sake haha! She said she would try and we are going to continue being upfront with her. We went to the matriarch Sister Neeley's house for dinner and then on to our lesson with Julian!! We took Cindy with us because she is preparing to serve a mission. We shared the Restoration with Julian. He said he was afraid of water so I am not so sure about how baptism is going to work. But we both decided that it would be better if Elder Waddoups taught him and so we passed on our investigator ): but, it'll be best for him.

Friday was crazy!! We met with Rasheda again at the church! She asked if her mom could come and we wholeheartedly agreed to that! We gave them a church tour and I talked with Denise. She expressed her disappointment in other churches and we told her that ours was different but she would just have to come and see. She took us up on that challenge. We talked with Rasheda after the tour and asked if she was comfortable with her baptismal date of January 11th or if she wanted to push it back....or move it up. She told us that she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible.

Her baptismal date is December 28th!!!!!!!

Saturday it was NASTY outside. We couldn't get a whole lot done except try and arrange a ride for Rasheda and her mom to come to the Christmas party that night! We did our best and God filled in the rest! We got ready to go and it took us 45 minutes to get to the church. 0.o We don't have this problem in Arizona haha! So the Christmas party commenced and Rasheda and Denise and Aniyha showed up and the ward welcomed them with open arms!! It was amazing!! We had a great time!

Sunday was stressful because Denise said she didn't want to come to church and basically left Rasheda stranded. We called in some favors and arranged a ride for her. Much to our surprise, Rashseda, Aniyha, AND Denise all walked in to sacrament meeting. 0.o After an amazing meeting, several questions, awesome coloring pages *thanks mom!!* and amazing ward members, Church was over. Denise said it was the friendliest church she has ever been too!!!! Rasheda loved it and Aniyha is a ward favorite! (: Oh how merciful the God of Israel is!!!! After Church we visited with Claire and Sister LaFond and the Green's invited us over for some Christmas goodie making before the stake devotional. We visited Sister Smego then hightailed it to the Green's. I made toffee (: All by myself...ok with the help of an eleven-year-old but it was pretty good for a beginner!! haha! We ate dinner and then headed over to the devotional. It was really good and was a fantastic ending to a crazy week!!

I hope you know how awesome you are!! I really feel your prayers and they keep me going on a regular basis! Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and that should be our goal as well: help others be happy for this is when we forget our own trials and our happiness increases! Merry Christmas!! I love you all!!!


Sister Crockett

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