Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hola! Hello!

Dear familia!!

What a wonderful week this has been in Beaver!! Man it was absolutely insanely amazing! We had so many ups and downs and laugh-out-loud-moments, I can't even begin to write them all. But I'll try! (;

Monday, to celebrate Gracie's birthday we went out to Texas Roadhouse. (; The McBride's wanted to thank us for helping out while they were moving, so they took us out to Texas Roadhouse. Well, they have teenage sons and Elder Waddoups has been here as long as I've been on my mission so some interesting things happened. The boys were throwing peanuts and one of the boys went and told the waiter that it wasn't Elder Waddoups' birthday but he needed to be embarrassed. (Dad style - "oh, Bishop is calling, I'll be right back"). So outcame the saddle and plastic cowboy hat. BLACKMAIL. haha! It was hilarious!! We couldn't let it die.

Tuesday we had to fill out our accident report from the hit and run before correlation. I have decided I don't like paperwork. We had stuff like that to do all day then went to the Green's for dinner. We told Brother Green that he should pretend it was Elder Waddoups' birthday. So out came the cupcakes and candles haha! There kids were so excited it was his birthday, I don't think he could tell them it wasn't haha!

Wednesday I was so tired I could barely see straight. I was so ready to just go out and work though, so we did! We had DM and met the new sister. She is really nice and perfect for Sister Morphy. After DM, Sister Neeley went and picked us up for our lesson with Mary. Their histories are so similar but the reactions are so different. Sister Neeley turned to the Lord and is stronger than ever, where as Mary is struggling to know how to pray and study her scriptures. It's heartbreaking but I know how I want to react to adversity. We played mediator for the Priesthood the rest of the night because a member called us asking us to ask the Elders for a blessing but the Elders didn't answer so we called the Bishop who called the Elders' Quorum President who, in turn, called us, then called the High Priest Group Leader and then called us again to see what we had heard. It was a mess. I guess their phones only connected to ours! (;

Thursday I wasn't feeling super good so I slept a lot to try and get me over it. It helped to a certain extent. We tried to see a gazillion people but turns out you don't have enough time in the day to see a gazillion people...or the miles for our car. I went on splits with Sister Green and we saw Lorraine. She was in an interesting state but we had a good conversation about the gospel so that is all that matters. We did pick up her grandson, Julian as a new investigator! He is 9 and so wants the gospel in his life! We can't wait to teach him more!! (:

Friday was weekly planning as usual. Blah. We had an amazing lesson with Char. I love that lady so much. She is amazing. She sent us away with some Christmas stuff because our sad little apt is so bare of Christmas you would think the Grinch hit it already! haha! We then talked with a member's mom. The member had passed away this summer and we were following up with how she was doing. She was really nice and tried to give us money for the Church, but we said that she had to go through Bishop and she said she respected that. She might be interested in learning more. We aren't sure yet /: It was snowing really bad so we had to go home and you dinner. Being mortal is no fun. haha!

Saturday was so chaotic. Sister Larsen starts the day with this statement: "I didn't want you to stress last night but...Elder Mellor went home and Elder Waddoups can't get another companion because all of the areas are in trios. He is going to live in Ambridge and we are going to absorb his area." I about fell off my bed. WHAAAT?!? Back up, back up. I was really surprised but calmed down when I realized we didn't really know anything. So, on with the day. We went to help Micheal and Vicki move but they were done when we go there. So we came home and re-evaluated our plans. Meanwhile, we get a call from the mission office asking if we had ever talked with a woman named Rasheda (Rah-she-da). I said we hadn't and Sister Buehner said that Rasheda called the office saying she was meeting the sister missionaries down in Midland at 3. We didn't know anything about it. Later we get a call from the Elders O.o and then Bishop asking about Rasheda. And still we didn't know anything about this lady. ELder Waddoups volunteered to go meet her to save our miles if we could start the water for a baptism they were having that night for their investigator Sarah (man these pronouns are all wrong sorry haha!). We agreed and then went to contact some people; one of which was a less active and his non-member wife who I had met on exchanges...or so I thought. We went to Brendan's (the less active) house and knocked on the door. A man answered and I asked if he was Brendan. He said he wasn't and that they rent from him. I was thrown for a loop. I asked who I had talked to and he said his girlfriend, Francis. He asked if we had anything to give her and I said we didn't at that time but we would love to come back and talk with both of them and he agreed to let us come back this coming week. 2 potentials. wow. Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people! So we went to Sarah's baptism and Elder Waddoups raved about this Rasheda girl. He said the first thing out of her mouth was "When can I get baptized?" 0.o He set her with a baptismal date and agreed to go with Brother Allread (his temp comp) and pick her up for church the following day. We were so stoked.

So Sunday came and we were on pins and needles. We stared at the door for a good 20 minutes. In Rasheda comes with her beautiful 2 year old daughter Aniyha. We rushed to greet her and invited her to sit with us and Char. The ward was so amazing and welcomed her with open arms. Everyone wanted to talk to her and meet her. We scheduled an appointment with her and she is so excited about the gospel! After she stayed all 3 hours for church, we went to Sister Smego's and talked with her until our dinner appointment. We had dinner at the Goettman's and then went back to Char's for the Christmas Devotional. It was way good! Very different, but very good! (:

So this week has been insane but I have loved it! Not every minute, but I definitely appreciate the good moments more now. I have learned so much I can hardly write it down. The gospel is amazing and miracles do come with diligence and patience. Oh the virtues I lack the most haha! I hope you have an amazing week! Merry Christmas!! (:



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